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May 1999
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Nipa Notes
May 1999

Wurtsmith/Wagner Alumni Newsletter, volume 99-2

This issue's topics:

New directory entries

New website material


WHOA sari-sari store

Miscellaneous announcements

1. New Directory Entries: Greetings to the following people whose names have been added to our directory within the past several weeks. Their information and all others can be found at http://www.whoa.org/directory/ :

Class of '58: John Puchalski

62: Bill Rowton, Michael Wetzel

63: Ted Herring, William Way

64: Robert Bates

65: Jimmie Perkins

66: Sandy Hieber Palmer

67: Barbara Copley Welch, Peggy Murphy Morrow

68: Sally Boyd Kelley, Sylvia Broadnax Sturdivant, Blaine Meade, Mark Small, Helen Sorrell

69: Bob House, Patricia Louderback Sturgill

70: Frank Locascio, Debby Nolan Hechenberger

71: Scott Connelly, Diane Gilbert Cooley

72: Vicki Bateman Barker, John Hansen, Marguerite Hargreaves

73: Karen Childers, Valerie Sellers, Randy Taporco

74: Susan Jolley Johnson

75: Margaret Barnhill Lawson, Patrick Folts, Victoria Loucks Kern

76: Robert Ferguson, Joseph Gray, Sheryl Gray Karasek, Susan Thompson Archer

77: John Ahern, Debbie Burke Morgan, Candi Clark

78: Joanie Humphreys Hodge, Denise Lum Bassett, Debi Minch Vandromme

79: Vanessa Davis Robinson, Jackie Wallace Velvick, Timothy Welsh

80: Michelle Ruzowski Ryan, Ray Simpson

81: Julie Badillo Fleming

82: Tony Mirafuentes, James Suber

84: Stacey Bouma, Don Buchner, Lorraine Carroll

86: Michael (Cory) Mason, Todd Mowder

87: Kimberlee Durden, Sean Hobson, Becky Taylor Ferrara

88: Mario Castillo, Heather Hobson McIntire, Walter White, Erin Woodward

89: Jody Buchner Flax, Richard Forkum

90: Cade Mason, Jay Propeack

91: Wayne Brown, Jasen Castillo, Bill Donoho, Julie Kizer McCauley, Carolyn Little Jones, James Nelson, Heather Smith
Wilcoxon, Tanya Tabacheck

93: Casey Mason, Elizabeth Wills Green

97: Sheila Houston

2. New website material: Here are items which have recently been added to the website...

New or additional webpages... To see these, start at http://www.whoa.org/classes/ and select the class year, or "faculty," as indicated after each name:

Tom and Carmen Armstrong Herndon 59

Jerry Long 63

Bruce Hill 64

John Prunier 65

Ken Morgan 71

Margaret Barnhill Lawson 75

Lena Davis Carlucci 75

Gary McClellan 75

Mark Eliason 76

Bruce Hawkins, faculty

Helen Williamson, faculty

Among other things, you can see pictures of Bruce Hawkins' recent trip to Clark and Angeles, Jerry Long's visit to the gravesite of Major Harold Clark (for whom Clark Field/Air Base was named), and a letter from Ms Williamson, who taught typing and other classes at Clark in four decades.

Publications: Access from the page http://www.whoa.org/publications

Yearbooks: 1968, 69, 70, 79, 83

Wurtsmith HS Postscript, Feb 27 1959 (volume 1, issue 1)

Falcon Criers: 1968, 69, 70, 79, 83

Books: A Brief History of the Town of Angeles 1796 to 1948

An Annotated Pictorial History of Clark Air Base: 1899-1986

Thank you to all who took the time to share these items with us.

3. Reunions:

Planned- http://www.whoa.org/reunions/planned.html

San Clemente CA, June 5

New Orleans LA, June 24-27

San Antonio TX, July 23-25

Overseas Brats Homecoming '99, Dallas TX, Aug 5-8

New items at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/ include:

A reunion newsletter for the Southeast region

Photos from the 1990 San Antonio event featuring the classes of '64 and '65

Mini-reunions - http://www.whoa.org/reunions/mini.html

Added information on recent events in Huntington Beach CA, Edina MN, and Arlington VA

Several reunions have taken place at weddings. Jennifer Kem '92 and Barry Hurst '89 were recently married in Hawaii, and a number of Wagnerites attended. To see more about their special day, visit


A report on the May 1 Puget Sound event by organizer Denise Young Sutherland '77:


A report on the May 1 Phoenix picnic by organizer Debbie Goldey Wardick '76:


The cable channel TLC featured Wagner's Charleston 1998 event for its program, "Reunion." This episode has aired at least
once a month since premiering last October. Its next airing will be on Memorial Day, May 31, at noon ET/PT (as always,
check local listings). If you receive the Home & Leisure channel, one of TLC's sister stations, you can see the episode on the
evening of May 31/early June 1 at 9 PM, 1 AM, or 5 AM. Pictures and video footage from the program are also available on
the website at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/tlc/

4. WHOA sari-sari store: Plans are underway to establish a store to raise funds for the website. Items could be sold on-line or at reunion events. Some items this may include:

Copies of yearbooks, books, and other publications (hard copy or CD)

Reunion photo collections/ memory books

Videos: reunions, TLC program, footage from visits to Clark after its closure

T-shirts and hats

Bumper stickers

Reunion pins

Class rings

The admin team welcomes your suggestions regarding the above list, and any other items which may interest you.

5. Other Announcements:

Lawrence "Berrie" McGuire '69 would like to publicize his albums "Peer Pressure," volumes 1 and 2, which address social
issues which affect today's families, particularly those with teens. If you buy a CD and mention WHOA, Berrie will donate $3 from your purchase to our site. Details appear on his website http://www2.dgsys.com/~uome/

Myrna Nickelsen '78 proudly announces the launch of nextMonet.com, Inc. This site, of which Myrna is CEO, will offer only
original and quality works by established artists. Visitors can also find information about art, artists, events, and much more. There are also prospective job opportunities there for programmers, art historians, and other people passionate about the fine arts. The website officially debuts on July 1, but all are welcome to see it now at http://www.nextmonet.com

Jimmy Pasch '84 has created the Unpublished Author Sanctuary at http://www.jps.net/cathorse/ and invites unpublished
authors to submit their manuscripts. Items there are available for the public to read. Jimmy also maintains a webpage on
WHOA for his class and welcomes any suggestions for material to add. His e-mail is loki@jps.net .

Mario Castillo '88 is also interested in developing a Wagner web page and seeking items to include. Anyone who attended
during the 85-88 timeframe and has pictures, stories, or music to suggest can contact him at mariocas@wtama.net .

Finally, a couple of items which may be of interest to your parents and other family members. The USAF has established a
weekly online newspaper at http://www.af.mil/newspaper . It is available as an Acrobat file and also via e-mail subscription.  Secondly, for those who may not have heard elsewhere, the DoD has created the Cold War Recognition Certificate for all persons who served in the U.S. armed forces or government civilian positions between Sep. 2, 1945 and Dec. 26, 1991. Details appear on the official site at http://coldwar.army.mil .

In closing, just a reminder that your announcements are always welcome at news@whoa.org 

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day, and the rest of summer...

Don Detwiler

WHS '80 


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