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December 1999
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Nipa Notes
December 1999

Welcome to the Wagner announcement newsletter, volume 99-5. This is a periodic newsletter of general information items for members of the Wurtsmith/Wagner schools alumni directory.


John Santacroce's PI book
Walt Richardson music CD
New items at the website
New directory registrants


SD/Clark 2000:
So far, we have over 160 people interested in attending the San Diego portion, and over 120 for the PI trip. We have signed an agreement with the beautiful Bahia Resort Hotel on Mission Bay to host our San Diego 2000  Reunion (26-29 October 2000). The hotel is located close to SeaWorld and only minutes from the airport, the Zoo, Balboa Park, Downtown, and all
of the other major attractions. It is also within a short walking distance to the Pacific, and many shops and restaurants. The Bahia has everything we need for the reunion including convention and multimedia support, catering facilities, a large restaurant, and a nice lounge/bar. In addition, the hotel has two sternwheelers for scheduled and chartered cruises on the
bay, and support for numerous water sports such as deep sea fishing, boat and jet ski rentals, etc. We have initially blocked a large portion of their 325 rooms for our group. The rooms range from luxury suites to beachside bungalows and standard rooms. Our discounted rate is $129 (single) and $139 (double) per night. Overflow can be handled by their nearby sister
hotel, the Catamaran. Reservations can be made via their toll free numbers: 1-800-576-4429 or 1-800-288-0770 (Canada 1-800-233-8172). These numbers handle both the Bahia and the Catamaran. Mention Wagner High or WHOA to receive the discounted rates. Try to make your reservations as soon as possible; we expect to sell out the hotel by early spring or sooner.  Please see their website: http://www.bahiahotel.com/ for further information.  Registration costs for this portion of the reunion are now estimated at $85-135 for two meals, a cruise, and entertainment.   We have booked the renowned group Sha Na Na to perform at the reunion.  Stay tuned for further announcements about this event.

Korean Airlines with Delta Airlines is offering us a round-trip airfare of $709 from LAX to Manila and return. This is a special discounted fare that will allow us to travel with almost the same flexibility as normal fare passengers. Currently available standard fares range from $1000-1300!  You can depart and return on the dates you choose. You can even fly out of
any other major city that they serve (San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York/New Jersey, etc.), including connections with Delta. The rates might be higher for these departure cities, but the discounts would still apply.  Korean Airlines will give you Delta Frequent Flyer miles for the entire trip (over 15,000), and offer class upgrades on all their flights. Many folks have requested flexibility in their flight arrangements and we believe that this agreement would provide that.  For the majority of us leaving from San Diego, we will be bused to LAX on Sunday afternoon/evening, 29 October 2000, for departure at approximately 11:00 PM. We will fly to Seoul (14 hr 35 min, 747). After a 2 hour layover, we will fly directly to Manila (4 hr). In order to take advantage of this discount, a non-refundable deposit of $100 each will be required when we sign our agreement (January 2000). The balance of the fare would be due 90-100 days prior to your flight (July 2000).
All  of the above is based on a minimum number of travelers and may change depending on actual participation and the date that we sign an agreement. We welcome any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. Send these directly to John Prunier '65. If you haven't already done so, please complete the reunion survey form on our SDCAB 2000 Web Page: 
http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/ so that we can accurately plan for the events.

Nashville 2001: The date is tentatively set for July 27 and 28 2001.The Regal Maxwell House Hotel has made an attractive offer and has 100+ rooms available for that time frame. We still need to agree as a group and make final commitments but things are moving along well… Gene Finch '70 (TnBigBird@aol.com)

Phoenix luncheon, Dec 28 11:30am, Bank One Ball Park Friday's Front Row Sports Grill - second floor north side 401 E Jefferson - 602-462-3503  (Reservations are under the name Wagner High School.) Our next planned mini-reunion will be Feb 11 or 12 at Beelow's in Tempe. Gary McClellan '75, creator of the web site for WHS, will be in town visiting. I'm trying to get Walt Richardson '72 to play his music at Beelow's that night. Walt plays folk and reggae style music (see further info below), and is a regular at Beelow's on Monday nights. I'll let everyone know the date of this mini-reunion as soon as Walt tells me which night he can play. Debbie Goldey Wardick '76 (duckie) admin@whoa.org 623-925-9790

St. Louis, Jan. 21-22 2000: http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00stlouis/  Contact Debbie Mihelcic Randle '77 (debrandle@primary.net)

Southern California mini, Jan. 28-29 or Feb. 4-5 2000: http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00ca/ Contact Barbara Stevenson Wilson '59 (barb59@home.net)or Mike Ward '70 (mikeward@sprintmail.com)

Orlando mini, Apr. 15 2000: http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00orlando/  Contact Terry Kincer Worsley '66 (TerryW@orhs.org)

Memory Books: Memory books are still available from the Las Vegas 97,  Charleston 98, and San Antonio 99 events. Details and ordering information are available at http://www.whoa.org/sarisari/memorybooks.html

Recent reunions:
Raleigh NC micro, Oct 30 http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99raleigh/

NO 99, added pics by Jo Brown Evans '85 and Dennis Flynn '88:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99no/

San Antonio 99, added video clips by Ron Bonner '65:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99sa/

John Santacroce '79 wrote a book about his experiences at Clark. According to its publisher, the book, Nine Thousand Miles to Adventure "... [o]n the outside...may seem like a simple story written by a father for his sons, but upon reading this book one discovers there’s so much more... [s]et in the time period of 1972 to 1975 at Clark Air Force Base in the
Philippines... a tale of a young boy chasing monkeys, evading capture from kidnappers, and scouring the terrain for left-over World War II ordnance. From Boy Scout camping trips to outrigger boat rides through shark-infested waters to 
off-limit explorations of long-lost tunnels, you’ll find yourself laughing time and again at some of the author’s unbelievably misguided adventures."   To find out more about the book, or to order a copy (a portion of the proceeds will be donated to WHOA), go to:  http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0966876008/whoa

Walt Richardson '72 CD: Walt Richardson is the first of what we hope will be many Wurtsmith/Wagner musicians to be featured on the website. Here you can listen to samples of his music. What's more, sales from this site will also benefit WHOA. The music CD store is accessed via http://www.whoa.org/sarisari/music.html


Yearbooks: The 90, 88 (including supplement), and 82 editions are now posted.  http://www.whoa.org/yearbooks/

We are looking for the 52, 54, and 55 editions. Contact John Prunier if you have any of these books.

Falcon Criers: Four more added from April-May 1969.  http://www.whoa.org/publications/criers/

We have updated and added new graphics to "Barbed Wire and Rice" by James H. Cowan: http://www.whoa.org/publications/stories/barbedwire/  a personal story of wartime Clark and the Philippines. The story
provides a unique look into the experiences of P.O.W. life beginning with the invasion of the Philippines until the subsequent return of American forces in 1944. Included are mention of many familiar names such as Colin Kelly, Meyer Levin, and others.

In time for the holidays, we have posted the December 1961 Nipa News, the monthly magazine of the CAB wives clubs: In this issue you will find holiday articles, recipes, and other interesting family and base news of the era.  Also included is "School Daze," the regular Wurtsmith/Wagner HS column written by our own Carol Dresser '62.


Class pages: New or modified pages appear for the following people and can be found from the index page at

59 Carmen Armstrong
63 Duffy Shaw
65 Geoff Shaw
70 Frank Locascio
75 Karen Jimerson Hasan
85 Jo Brown Evans
88 Dennis Flynn
91 Richard Bach
Faculty: Bruce Hawkins (added video clips of trips to Clark this year)

News: Also posted are updates to our News Archive. This archive contains news from around the country about Wagner and Wurtsmith. You will find some great articles from several Florida newspapers about our search for lost alumni provided by Cheryl Nelson Perron '59.  http://www.whoa.org/news/

Student Handbook: We have posted the 1969-70 Wagner HS Student Handbook.  This handbook was the student guide to grades, behavior, activities, and other related school requirements. It provides an interesting look at the school during that era.  http://www.whoa.org/70/handbook/

Nipa Notes archive: These announcements are now listed on the website at  http://www.whoa.org/newsletter/

Memoriam page: Memoriam listings have been divided onto separate pages by  graduation years.  See the new front page at

Bulletin board: New items have been added to the board. To see if someone is looking for you or an acquaintance of yours, or other information, visit  http://www.whoa.org/bulletins/


Welcome the following folks who've been added to the directory recently:

65: Dale Roberts
66: Bob Ryan
67: Debbie Davis Scott, Mary Ann Lieb del Rosario, Sandi Schneider Hultquist
68: Rick Stevens
69: Mary Kinworthy
70: Janet Jefferson Mendoza, Larry Rea
71: Jim Eble, Russell Pollock, Tom Rawlston, Robyn Stevens
72: Pamela Hannafius Cogbill
73: Patrick Hannafius, Pam Kirschenmann Resch, Lennie Oliver, Robert Talley
74: Bradford Bonner, Brigitte Romig DeLaHaye
75: Shannon Dennett, Alfonso Galvan, Stacey Ledbetter Duffey, Michael  Padilla, John Tonkavitch
76: Leonard Tygart, Steve Tygart
77: George Hall, Debbie Mihelcic Randle, Don Pearce, Bob Vickers, Gerald (Jerry) Wilson
78: Jon Emery, Debbie Estep Crawford, Chuck Palm, James Peck, Nikki Powell
79: Troy Heron, Sonya Stark
81: Joanne Johnson Krusemark
82: Corazon Caberto Murillo, Joseph McArthur (now Smith)
83: Lucila Anderson Khamvonsga, Jeffrey Lamb, Rolando Palecek, Travis Richey
84: Michael Anderson, Ana Martinez, Perfecto (Smiley) Morris
85: Julie Cannon Holley, Tammie Hunter
86: Maita Castellanes, Jenie Fricke Davis, Frank Ruiz
87: Sharon Capitanio, Nichelle Scott
88: Jeanette Ruiz
89: Raul Tonolette
91: Sean Rainey, Abigail Serra Anderson
92: Rosario Mitchell Phillips, Tammy Mitchell Tolbert
93: Marijane Johnson
94: Thomas Cadwell, Judith Jane Lyons, Cindy Weiss Hendrix
99: Marco Mancipe
Faculty: Bob Coltrin (English, 67-69)


If you would like to submit something for inclusion in future newsletters, please contact me (news@whoa.org).

Many thanks to the admin team members,  alumni group leaders, sponsors, and everyone who has contributed time, effort, memorabilia, and money to support the website and Wagner/Wurtsmith events.  To find out more about how you can 
help, visit the contributions page:  http://www.whoa.org/contribute/

Happy holidays to one and all.  See you in 2000!

Don Detwiler '80

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