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June 2000
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Nipa Notes
March 2000

Welcome to the Wagner announcement newsletter, volume 2000-1.  This is a periodic newsletter of general information items for members of the Wurtsmith/Wagner schools alumni directory.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Bernie Charland '48, Jim Powell '65, Donny Green '69, and Ray Unsell '85.


Address Check
Reunion News, Planner, and Bulletin Board
Memoriam Fund
New Items on Website
New Directory Entries

Address Check:  We will soon mail a reunion newsletter to every address we have in the WHOA database. The database contains almost 3800 people.  Some of the addresses are not complete, or not US Postal addresses.  If your listing does not show your complete, current address, please correct it as soon as possible. To check your listing, go to http://www.whoa.org/directory.html or use your alumni id# and password at http://www.whoa.org/addme.html . Donations to help support WHOA and pay for the newsletter and postage can be made to: (checks payable to) 

Gary McClellan
2107B Colony Court
Beloit, WI 53511
For more information, email gary@whoa.org


San Diego/Clark update:
San Diego 2000: Registration is ongoing, and nearly 300 people are signed up at present. The cost per person will be $125.  The registration form includes information for ordering reunion specific optional items such as memory books, photos, bumper stickers, hats, and videos. These items can only be purchased in advance. The form also provides an opportunity for 
those of you who may wish to help reduce the costs of the reunion for others by contributing to WHOA or your alumni association (association events, newsletter announcements, entertainment, awards, memoriam fund, etc.).  Contributions will also be used to help sponsor a limited number of individuals who might not otherwise attend. We ask that you please register as early as possible to help keep the total reunion costs down. Many of the facilities, meals, and entertainment need to be planned and paid in advance to ensure their availability.

Clark 2000:  Over 130 people have signed up for the Clark portion of the reunion festivities.  We are currently collecting airfare deposits of $100, due by the end of March. The balance of airfare will be due in July 2000.  Refunds will be available until about September 14. Registration fees for the optional Clark 2000 trip will be collected separately, and may be 
included with your San Diego 2000 registration (assuming you attend both).  We are now determining PI lodging, in-country travel, meals, entertainment, and other costs. We do not expect any major changes from our current plans described on the reunion web page. Any questions regarding travel arrangements may be referred to our travel agent, Lynn Stanek of Martiz 
Travel, e-mail stanekll@martiz.com or telephone toll-free (888) 467-0908.

Other questions, comments, or suggestions about either reunion can be sent directly to John Prunier, email prunier@whoa.org or 909-926-5694.  For more information, and to register yourself, visit the reunion webpage at 

REUNION PLANNING ASSISTANT AND BULLETIN BOARD: To help us with reunion scheduling, planning, and coordination, we have added a contact person to our WHOA volunteers, Gaye Perkins Parnell '74 (reunions@whoa.org). Gaye will maintain a WHOA reunion calendar/schedule, compile information regarding planned reunions, and help individuals, groups, and associations with reunion planning and WHOA support or sponsorship when requested.   Please feel free to ask Gaye when you are planning to host or attend a reunionů and thanks, Gaye, for your assistance!

  To help with reunion attendance, we are starting a new bulletin board to allow you to request and/or offer help with travel, lodging, or other areas that can sometimes be a problem for attendees:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/help/ Examples: - offer or request a ride to the reunion, if you plan to drive -  offer or request shared lodging - offer frequent flier miles, coupons, discounts, passes, etc. - announce discounts or special offers for airfares, lodging, etc. - request or offer help with airport, bus, train, etc. pick-up/drop-off - request or offer assistance with disabilities - request or provide help with local information - any other reunion related requests, offers, help or announcements.  We hope this new bulletin board will 
encourage many who might not otherwise attend, and provide a way for you to offer help whenever possible. Please send your requests, offers and announcements directly to Gaye (reunions@whoa.org), John Prunier (prunier@whoa.org), or to any WHOA-sponsored reunion organizer. Include your full name, class year, and any other information you feel is important. Our normal rules for posting and responsibilities apply; however, where appropriate, we will allow anonymous postings. You must still provide your identifying information to us for such items.

Other upcoming reunions (http://www.whoa.org/reunions/planned.html):

Dallas, 31 Mar-2 Apr, contact Jenny Cranfill Miller '80

Orlando, all-years event, Apr 14-15, Holiday Inn Main Gate East, Kissimmee FL.  Contact Danny Theobald '66 or Doug Kucklick '62

New Orleans, Jul 20-23 2000, organized by '94-'96 alumni, all years welcome, contact Andrea Generette '95

Nashville 2001 Pre-planning: The 70-74 alumni group will host a "Rockin' Country" reunion July 26-29 2001 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Nashville.  Details will be kept on the website at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/01nashville/
For planning purposes, Gene Finch '70 would like to hear from prospective attendees.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Gene (TnBigBird@aol.com) with information or questions (Name?  Class of ? Number of people planning to attend? Children to accompany? Willing to help? Extra activity interests? Music preferences? Desire for more info and what type?)

Denver 2001:  Members of the 75-79 alumni group will host a reunion in Denver next summer.  Dates and other details will appear in future newsletters and on the website at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/01denver/

Previous reunions:
California Mini, Feb 5 2000 in San Diego http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00ca/
St Louis Mini, Jan 21-22 2000 http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00stlouis/
San Jose Mini, Dec 26 99, http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99sanjose2/
Phoenix/Tempe, Dec 28 99, http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99phx4/ and Feb 12 00 http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00tempe/
San Franciso 95 reunions:  Look for additional pictures plus new video clips from the 70-74 and 75-79 class events at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/#1995

MEMORIAM FUND:  Karen Jimerson Hasan '76 (rovergirl@surfree.com  or memoriam@whoa.org) has volunteered to lead our new WHOA Memoriam Fund.   Karen has much experience in this field as a counselor and involvement with family ministry.  This fund will be used to acknowledge and provide cards and/or flowers for our recently deceased alumni and staff.  If you would like to contribute toward flowers, a plant, or a card for any bereaving  family, you may send your donations to Karen at
3265 Cuesta Drive
San Jose CA 95148-1622
It would also be appropriate to earmark for "whom" the donation is intended.  Karen will in turn post a note as to what was sent on the mailing lists.  Thanks Karen for volunteering for this very worthwhile effort!


Class pages:  Look for new pictures and pages for the following 

'57 Chuck Vesely
'64 Deanna Sexton Nadal, graduation ceremony pics
'65 John Prunier
'70 Frank Locascio, senior wills
'75 Craig Brown
'76 Operation Baby Lift
'78 Carol McClellan, Jerry Weed
'84 Shannon McKeown Holifield

March 86 labor strike: 14 years ago, Clark AB found itself in the middle of a crippling labor strike. The strike began at Subic and then spread to Clark. We have posted several photos from Howard Carney showing the events during the last day of the blockade on Sunday, 30 March 1986:  http://www.clarkab.org/organizations/3rdspg/carney/

Falcon Criers: Added issues from the 70 and 71 years

Air Force magazine included the article "Clark Digs Out of the Ashes" in its March 2000 issue.  A copy is available at

On the official Air Force magazine homepage, you can also find a link to a story about the wartime heroism of Wagner's namesake, "Buzz" Wagner:  http://www.afa.org/magazine/valor/0996valor.html

Balikatan 2000/Fiery Relief: Recently, over 2000 US military personnel came to Clark to participate in the Balikatan training exercise with Philippine counterparts.  Some also assisted victims of the Mt. Mayon eruption.  Former Wagner student Eddie Duff was among the participants in these efforts, and we look forward to seeing the pictures he took during his visit.  In the meantime, several articles and photos are available from the USAF website:

http://www.af.mil /news/Feb2000/n20000224_000280.html
http://www.af.mil /news/Feb2000/n20000224_000289.html

Other recent articles on military brats and brat websites:
Access Magazine, March 12 2000:  http://www.accessmagazine.com/scripts/articles.cfm?ArticleID=563
Florida Times-Union, February 20 2000:  http://www.times-union.com/tu-online/stories/022000/met_2186291.html


Welcome the following folks newly listed in our directory:
53: Ginny Hill Laviner
60: Cindy Bruce Klunk
64: James Krantz, Deanna Sexton Nadal
65: Michael Zagrodny
67: Linda Roser Wood
68: Denise Sokol
69: Mary Hindman Travis, Harold Roberts
70: Debbie Gonzales Girard, Tim Martin
71: Donald Corbett, Steve Jollye, Eileen Ravella Mackey, Cynthia Roberts
72: Laura Olshefski Finn, Jay Gorton, Janice Paeth Hartmann
73: Teresa Brooks, Lucy Gallegos Zick, Linda Olshefski Greene
74: Diann Novack Hogan
75: Vicki Wasdin Pitts, Cindy Wurman Hardin
76: Chris Crawford, Richard (Jim) Hardin, Steven Valmores, Julie Williams Ovington
77: Mary Bogovich Owen
78: Stewart Morgan, Sandra Scheffel Humphries
79: Jim Bagley, John Santacroce, Erin Stephens Sheridan, Ruth Ybay Castro
80: Chris Newenham, Jay Paupard
81: Betty Knight Safko, Carla Pastore Francese, Robert Scheffel
82: Phillip Beckelheimer, Jerry Dungon, Jeff Lanyon, Clayton Phillips, Larry Sword, Rory Wicks
83: Terri Abel Bodine, Bobbi Chaves, Rosa Massengill Hill, Karla O'Neill Nava
84: Chris Acovio, Denena Keaton Martin, Chris Tafoya
85: Jeanette Dale Acovio, Tim Davis, Donelle Keaton, Ferdinand Maurial, Marco Milton, Charles Mizell, Yolanda Oswald Mallard, Jean Paupard, Stephanie Tryon, Randi Tutor Mullen
86: Emily Andrada-Brown, Stephen Harrison, Stacy Moulds Gill
87: Bryan Demps, Robert Pasco
88: Dianna Day Kroska, Jaylyn Fralick Clark
89: Alita Faulds Ianakiev, Jonathan Mangilit, Nicki Nelson Sayer, Marilyn Parnell Matteson, Jerry Pearson
90: Charles Armstrong, Maria Aukshun Timmons, Ronald Opack
91: Michael Beal, Anna Pyott Hodges, Michelle Tenorio
92: Liz Burke Johnson, Sunshine Cowan, Kathleen Knag Galloway, Aaron Poponne
93: Stephanie Torrence
94: Phillip de Guzman, Elmer Flores, Amanda Lee Lewis, Kristopher Monette, Herbie Walton
95: Andrea Generette, Hazel Johnson Hirata, Jennifer MacDavitt
96: Tammy Smith Squires
98: Patricia Jones


If you would like to submit something for inclusion in future newsletters, 
please contact me (news@whoa.org).   Stay tunedů

Don Detwiler '80

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