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October 1999
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Nipa Notes
October 1999

Welcome to the Wagner announcement newsletter, volume 99-4.  This is a periodic newsletter of general information items for members of the Wurtsmith/Wagner schools alumni directory.


Reunion Information
New Webpage Material
New Alumni Directory Entries


Upcoming Events:

Los Angeles, Nov. 13 1999.  Contact Nelson Ribac '90 (Nelson.Ribac@LW.com) for more information.

Tempe AZ, Dec. 4 1999.  Contact Debbie Goldey Wardick(duckie@mindspring.com) or visit http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99tempe2/

San Diego (with optional follow-up trip to the Philippines), Oct. 2000:
Stay tuned for further information about this event; in the meantime, you are encouraged to send in a response form if you are interested in attending.  The web page for this reunion is http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/

Previous Events:  From the main page http://www.whoa.org/reunions/ you can find new or updated pages for the following events (in 1999 unless otherwise indicated):

Colorado Springs, Jul. 31-Aug. 1 97 (including RealVideo clips)
Santa Barbara, Jul. 98
Omaha Sep 24-26
San Jose CA, Oct 2
Tempe AZ, Oct 4
Monterey CA, Oct 8-9
Oklahoma City, Oct 16
Pensacola FL, Oct 24


Class Pages (http://www.whoa.org/classes/): New or additional pages appear for the following years and contributors:

Class of 64 (Bruce Hills, Gary McQuaid)
Class of 65 (Carol Hardeman Hart, Claire Piper)
Class of 70 (baccalaureate, commencement)
Class of 75 (Lena Davis)
Class of 76 (Debbie Best Lowe, Cathy Forren)
Class of 77 (Salli DiBartolo)
Class of 85 (Kylene Jones Nickerson)
Class of 86 (Tim Vasquez)

Recent photos of Clark and Wagner appear on Cathy Forren's pages.

Our sister site, www.clarkab.org, features some new material submitted by Larry Isgrig, including pictures and video clips of storm damage, Easter flagellants, a trip to Grande Island, and a visit from Bob Hope.  These items are found at http://www.clarkab.org/personal/isgrig/



The following years' Fledglings are available: 1956, 1977, 1981, 1985, and 1989.  The 1970 supplement has also been added.


The Feb. 18, 1957 and Dec. 20, 1962 Post Scripts, and the Feb. 14, 1969 Falcon Crier, are now available.

Recipes: Additional items appear in "Kylene's Kitchen," http://www.whoa.org/publications/recipes

Our thanks to everyone who contributed and scanned these items.


The directory has grown in size from 550 entries to over 3,600 in less than four years.  Search for friends you'd like to locate at http://www.whoa.org/directory.html

Please welcome the following folks who've been added to the directory recently:

60: Keets Dowling Cassar
62: Gary McClure
65: Gail Green Waters
66: Helen Matthew del Rosario
67: Veronica McGuire Toliver
68: Kathleen Newberry Corbett, Alicia Nielsen Holloway, Tina Porritt Goodman
69: Leland "Ed" Lewis, Steven Seybold
70: Sharilyn Harrington Pauling, Stephen Kempel, Tom Spencer
71: Kaleta Beasley Burgin, Debbie Cox Crowley, Nanette Guevara, Bob Pullings
72: Frances Barnett Conner, Renny Cui, Gerald Goodwin, Mike McKinney, Pam Medlinger Johnson, Nancy Spencer Barry
73: Beth Bridges Baulch, Frederick Cockman, Wayne Richardson
74: Marilyn Aquino Solis
76: Mary Ann Eble, David Hamilton, Lea Noble Leonard, Lillie Richardson Wheeler, Jason Roosma, Maria Sharpe
77: Isabel Montilla, Darbey Peschel Wehrle, Cheryl Richey Robeson, Mirenda Robertson Shields
79: John Abbott, Jessie Balos, Doyce Dees, Becky Rodgers Rogers
80: Rick Avera, Angie Rosado Davis
81: Timothy Bebout, Tracy Feist Wright, Tony Sison
82: James Alexander, Kevin Bennett, Tommy Robinson
84: Sue Gonzales Young
85: Karen McGhee, Renee Menke, Alex Thomson, Laura Zak
87: Andrew Christensen, Aarin Freeman Stephens, Karen Lindmark, Gary Woodall
89: Marilyn Barnett Pineda, Belinda Jackson Gammon
90: Maybelle Castillo, Holly Ingalsbe Chadwick, Steven Weyrauch
91: Maria (Michelle) Koper Howell
92: Grace Dieli Respress, Lourdes Flores Soriano
93: Abigail Bigornia, Jake Denker
94: Leon Java, Jennifer O'Brien, Erwin Ocampo, Scott Silvester
95: Liz Hall
96: Mary Hall, Stephanie Huereca
99: Cristina Gordon
Faculty: Eileen Mattingly

CLOSING:  We're always interested in items you'd like to see presented here.  Send in your items or suggestions to news@whoa.org and we'll do our best to include them.

Don Detwiler '80
Wagner High Online Alumni (WHOA)

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