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August 1999
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Nipa Notes
August 1999

Welcome to the Wagner announcement newsletter, volume 99-3.  This is a periodic newsletter of general information items for members of the Wurtsmith/Wagner schools alumni directory.


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FOUND ALUMNI: We've added plenty of names to our directory since the last announcement.  The list appears at the conclusion of this newsletter.


  San Antonio, Jul 27-29: The large turnout for this gathering has produced a wealth of photos.  These can be seen at 
http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99sa and http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99sa2 .  Future announcements will include details on how to obtain photos, videos, and memory books for this event.  We are also holding a photo contest, with a variety of possible prizes, for categories such as Best Group Photo, Best Individual Photo, and others.  If you have pictures from this reunion and haven't already sent them in, please do so!  Digital pix should be submitted to John Prunier (webmaster@whoa.org); regular photos (please include negatives) should be submitted to Karen Rogg, 8623 West Indianola AV Phoenix AZ 85037-2433.  More details on the contest can be found at http://www.whoa.org/cgi-bin/wgate/WAGNER/archives/wagner.9908/Author/article-96.html.

  New Orleans, Jun 24-27:  This reunion also attracted a large crowd.  Jimmy Pasch '84 and Patrice Palomares Lewis '89 have posted photos, and you can find links to their pages at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99no/ .  If you attended and have pictures you wish to share, please contact our admin team.

  Our mini-reunions page (http://www.whoa.org/reunions/mini.html) has added links and/or photos from the following events:
Janesville WI, Jun 26-7
Ohio, Six Flags/AF Museum, Jun 99
San Clemente, Jun 5
Destin FL, Jun 11
Tacoma, May 1
Phoenix, Feb 27 and May 1
Moreno Valley, Jul 3

  Several members of the classes of 89-93 recently gathered in LA.   Pictures from their get-together appear at 

  Chicago/Milwaukee area residents:  Sharon (Joey) Lopez 74 will be visiting Chicago, and perhaps Milwaukee, during the Labor Day weekend.  She would be glad to get together with Falcons in the region.  Anyone wishing to do so can contact her at Joey904@aol.com (suggest you mention "Wagner" in the subject line, as this is a shared account). 

  Nashville 2001:  Here is a recent announcement from the leader of the 70-74 alumni chapter:
  It is my pleasure to announce an event that all will want to be sure not to miss. We who were so far away when first met shall gather in Nashville, Tennessee to rekindle old friendships, renew the bonds we once shared and create memories of today to fill those lost in the absence of each other.  Join us in " A ROCKING COUNTRY REUNION". The date not yet set in stone will be the last week in July or the first week in August in the year 2001.  This event will be initially sponsored by the 70-74 reunion association but we encourage all to join in.
Gene Finch Class of 1970  TnBigBird@aol.com 615-226-7282

SARI SARI STORE: We are pleased to announce the opening of our online sari-sari store, http://www.whoa.org/sarisari/ .  At this time, you can purchase copies of yearbooks and other publications, bumper stickers, and T-shirts.  Other items will follow.  Revenues from your purchases go to WHOA and your alumni groups.  Some of these items will also be sold at reunion events.  NOTE:  If you got a bumper sticker at the San Antonio reunion and still need to pay for it, please send your check/money order ($4.50 for one sticker, $5 for two) to Debbie Wardick, 16285 W Tonto St Goodyear AZ 85338.

SPONSORSHIPS FOR MEMORABILIA:  We recently announced on several mailing lists that sponsorships are available for San Antonio Guestbooks, and several people have expressed interest in this.  We would like to extend this to other memorabilia in the future.  Our pricing structure is not yet fixed, but we anticipate that donations in any amount would allow your name to be listed in a special section of the book, and for donations starting at $25, copies of business cards and more elaborate ads can be enclosed.  Sponsorship will keep down the costs of memorabilia and can be a highly effective way for you to promote your business or organization.  Please contact John Prunier if you are interested.


Yearbooks (http://www.whoa.org/yearbooks/):  Completed WHS yearbooks for 74, 76, and 91 (the last ever!)

Class Pages (http://www.whoa.org/classes/):  New pages: class of 72, Jeanne Lobb Blecker and Val Smith.

Updated pages: class of 69 page -- new items including graduation photo, http://www.whoa.org/69/


Florida News Articles (http://www.whoa.org/news): Cheryl Nelson Perron '59 helped two Florida area newspapers publish stories about the website;  as a result, several more alumni have been located and added to our directory.   The above website includes copies of both articles.  Kudos to you, Cheryl!

Namesakes:  Some (perhaps many) of us didn't give it much thought while we attended, but the names Wagner and Wurtsmith were more than school names.  Each was first and foremost a person… a pilot who made the supreme sacrifice in service to his country… someone's husband, uncle, brother, or son.  Recently, we were surprised and delighted to hear from relatives of both men.  We hope that each will have more information to share about our school namesakes.  Portions of their messages appear at the following sites:

Rick Wagner, Buzz Wagner's first cousin once removed:

Greta Anne Wurtsmith, Paul Wurtsmith's great-niece:

MEMORIAM ENTRIES: We have received confirmation of the passing of Simeona Lipscomb '67, Margurite Milke (taught French and Spanish, mid-1950s), and Donna McKeown (taught English 72-76, class of '76 sponsor/"mom").  If you would like to contribute any words in remembrance of these people, or anyone else listed on our memoriam page (http://www.whoa.org/memoriam), please contact the admin team.

NAME THE NEWSLETTER:  We'd like to give this newsletter a title which reminds you of the school publications you used to read at Clark.  Some have suggested using names like "Falcon Crier" or "Balut Courier."   If you have a preference, or have others to suggest, please let us know.

ADMIN TEAM CHANGES: Joleen Ryan '76, Lena Davis Carlucci '75, and Karen Rogg '80 have joined the WHOA admin team.  Joleen is involved with webpage and graphics design.  Lena has assumed the lead role in maintaining our various mailing lists.  Karen, who has spent countless hours scanning yearbooks and other items, is collecting pictures from the San Antonio Reunion for the contest and scrapbook.  Let's send them our best wishes and thanks for volunteering their efforts toward the continued growth and prosperity of the website!

MISSING CLASS YEARS:  The following is a list of people in our directory with unknown graduation years.  We've also shown the sources of their existing information, in the hopes it may provide some clues.  Please contact us if you recognize anyone and can provide their class year.

Blythe Blanchard Watkins - - 65-72 assoc
Robert W Boatwright - - web registration
Donna Collie Eccleston - - web registration
Nita Driscoll - - 75-80 reunion group
Ronnie Dugan - - web registration
Joy Ehrhardt - - 68-75 group
Barbie Ethridge Smith - - 75-80 reunion group
David Garvin - - 65-72 assoc
Cari Gibbs - - Overseas Brats
Yolanda Gonzales Kennedy - - web registration
Angela B Haynes - - Overseas Brats
Lisa Hoops - - 81-Mt Pinatubo reunion assoc
Carol Jensen Burke - - 70-74 reunion assoc
Jane Matista - - web registration
Eddie Miller - - web registration
Kevin B Moore - - 65-72 assoc
Maria Moore Barnwell - - 65-72 assoc
Dawn Olson - - Overseas Brats
Mary Pattison - - Overseas Brats
Julie Varron - - Web Registration
Barbara C Vaughn - - Overseas Brats
Gerald and Rena Violette - - unknown
Jennifer de leon Buchanan - - 81-Mt Pinatubo reunion assoc

CLOSING:  Please feel free to pass along any information that you'd like to share in this newsletter.  We'll do our best to accommodate you.

Don Detwiler '80


Please extend a hearty welcome to the following people who've been added to our directory during the past couple of months.  If you recognize anyone and would like to contact them, you can locate their information on the webpage http://www.whoa.org/directory.  If this ever-growing list proves to be too much for your computer or your patience, an alternative is to look up their information via the search page, http://www.whoa.org/search.

54: Bill Sides
55: Betty Sides Hefner
57: Archie Helmer
58: John Bennett, Marilyn Cooke Hardee, Thomas McDade
59: Thomas Cooke
60: Rick Bennett
61: Patricia Cooke Newman, Roger Douglass, Gary Teague
62: Angela Cowart Kalusky, Dotty Cowart Letzkus, Jay Ousey, Raymond Tomczyk
64: Anita Douglass Carswell, Sharon Hensley Piechnik, Daniel Theobald
65: Claire Piper
66: Wallace Christina, Raymond Chung, Ralph Gonzalez, Elizabeth Dickinson Jackson, Jerri Hartwig Doster
67: Clifford Cox, Hollis Hills, Paula Moran, Jane Powers Price, Mary Reynolds Smith, Linda Schwab
68: Charles Frye, Randall Jech, Jodeane O'Harrow-Bailey
69: Sheila Lynch Shea, Don Matthews, Bruce Scheffler, William Wilmoth
70: Jim Gearhart, Mary Hayden Logan, Allan Holmes, Michael Woodrum
71: Chris Duplantis Grudzien, Bill Murray, Jim Staples
72: Anita Berger, Karen Corbett Kiessling, Cris Dyess Costigan, Fel Forster, Marie Ann Freese, Robert Luna, Pat Spielman
73: Randal Julian, Teresa Lyons Dvorak, Steven Tornow
74: Ed Bill, James Matthews, Kathy Mercer Merrill, Joe Roessler, Pamela Shaver Garrett, Tony Villalpondo, Diane Woske Nevich
75: Kendra Edwards Biggs, Peggye Forster Mendoza, Brian Lawrence, Kris Medlinger French, Les Sarile, Steven Spinks
76: Karen Carlton Briand, Julia Crouthamel Staples, Michael Groves, Howard Kea, Gina Robinson Lawrence, Leslie Shamp-Beaver, Eric Smith, Harry Smith, Carla Wade Gamez
77: Judith Braswell Lynch, Patrick Brown, Karen Gibson Beamish, Karla Strohecker Volpi, Jan Taylor Davis
78: Paul Bernal, Joe Drank, Robert Levison, Beverly Moore Williams, Philip Parandes, Anita Sharpe, Joe Stroberger
79: Patricia Crouthamel James, Laurie Fischer Gayheart, Nathalie Kelly, Carroll Levison, Marta Long Haines, Bobby Luther, Edward McLaurin, Dwayne Page, Mark Vice
80: Cyneathia Anderson Phillips, Jacquelyn Head Middlebrooks, Jerrie Moore Van Gilder, Lisa Myrick Owens, Steve Stroberger, Arthur Ubry, Roland Wolfe
81: Joseph Calhoun, Loretta Duerksen Eldridge, Michael Fooshee, Sandie Greer Delk, Patricia Kane
82: Marsha Moore Phillips, Christy Riddell
83: Carla Chock Williams, Kevin Fitzgerald
84: Kimberly Buchner, Darrell Lindsey, Dawn Marie Turcotte Gray
85: Carolyn Esquivel Bull, Alexis Mataban, Sandy Mills Zielsdorf, Michael Myers
86: Jennifer Beasley McKean, Jaime Duenas, Marian Duerksen, Eddie Pena, Tamara Wagner Barnhart
87: Katrina Hinch, Dana Nichols, Sean Potter, Kelly Turcotte Lloyd, Chris Valenzuela
88: Glynis Hamilton, Lydia Holimon Champion, Wanda Maria Hurst, Lisa Jansen Otton, Joel Pearson, Jennifer Smith Hensley,  Sonnie Walters, Barbara White
89: Christopher Daley, Tanya Glover, Darwin Grathwohl, Cecilia Hare Burroughs
90: Emma-Leh Guevara Deogracias, Nataka Jenkins, Michael Rode, Tammy Whitley
91: Ermelina Azarcon Perkins, Cynthia Brown Cacanindin, Tunisha Brown,  Cliff Claybrooks, Gerry Propeack, Jaime Rodriguez, Vivian Smith Price, Donna Stewart Haspel
92: Dan Beal, Salvatore Cugno, Brian Lindsay, Teresa Logan, David Olson, Cybil Sundgren Smith, Jennifer Tucker, Kiva Voss Cecere, Sharon Williams, Jason Ziemer
93: Christopher Garcia, Christy Sylvester
94: Ted Tucker
95: Jon Amon, Ikie (Kenneth) Armel, Michelle Douglas Cugno
Faculty: Ann Bruce D'Hondt, Wurtsmith Elem. 65-67

Don Detwiler '80

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