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Austin, TX Reunion, 10-12 July 1998
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Gary McClellan '75 - Tom Rutherford '72 - Karen Rogg '80 - Susan Anderson '72

Susan DiBartolo '73 - Dary Matera '73 - More Tom Rutherford - More Susan Anderson

Photo #6
Class of '73.
Dary, Betty, Susan, Bill, Linda, and Pam .

Austin City Limits

Austin was the trip of a life 23 years ago flashed before my eyes kinda like drinking from a fire hydrant as I hooked up with my fellow Falcons, met new fellow Falcons, and had a real face to face with the #Wagner crew!! What a bunch. Thankfully, my name wasn't slandered about with that NOISY and OBNOXIOUS bunch in 302 and 312. If they weren't out dancing all night, then they had a little war going on the 3d floor. Sheesh, how was a guy to get any sleep?

Sooz, my dear, pleeze don't let John parade around your room when the cutains to the window are open again! The atrium will never be quite the same...Your 'less than 4 hours of sleep' was avoidable, but you were found guilty of running "with the wrong crowd". 6th street is where the wild crowd goes :)

Jeepney Jen with her <patented smile>, what's up with you and Jim, were y'all playin' house while I was sleepin'? hmmmmmm.....Some of y'all needed a chaperone that would be Quigley (the quigster), Gaye (the energizer lady), Linda V (the queen of the ball), Jenny (the hot tub lady in red), Gary (the G-man), and Jim (the dance master) Never did find out how the G-man's bed got scewed, but it unplugged the clock so they never knew it was past their bed time LOL- and everyone knows I did not have anything to do with the ruckus y'all were puttin up on the third floor. If you don't believe that, just read the name isn't on the hit list anywhere >wears his halo proudly<

My prom date forgot me until someone showed us our picture >pout< and I did not have stock in fuji and kodak >could have made a small fortune< but I did unsubsribe Wagner before I left home...>most of the subscribers were in Austin <---things that went wrong<<<BUT---->things that went right>>> there was SOOOOO much food, SOOOOO many places to go dancing, SOOOOO many wonderful people and SOOOOO much fun that I think I will go to the Charleston reunion. Hmmmmmmm...heard the "wrong crowd from the Austin reunion" was going to be there, so I will have to be careful. (do they have silly string and super soakers in Charleston? don't you have to be an adult to buy them?) diggin the reunion stuff...ardis '75

Thankfully, my name wasn't slandered 

AF> about with that NOISY and OBNOXIOUS bunch in 302 and 312. If they weren't out dancing all night, then they had a little war going on the 3d floor. Sheesh, how was a guy to get any sleep?

HA!! Oh you of the silly string and super soaker ideas! I was just the driver and 2nd line of defense! Im bringing the leftovers to Charleston! That halo of is NOT fooling me <smile>

AF>Sooz, my dear, pleeze don't let John parade around your room when the cutains to the window are open again! The atrium will never be quite the same...

I have pictures of this <ear to ear grin>

AF>Jeepney Jen with her <patented smile>, what's up with you and Jim, were y'all playin' house while I was sleepin'? hmmmmmm.....Some of y'all needed a chaperone that would be Quigley (the quigster), Gaye (the energizer lady), Linda V (the queen of the ball), Jenny (the hot tub lady in red), Gary (the G-man), and Jim (the dance master)

hmmmmmm is right <grin> you want to know a secret~ Ardis..Gary..Gaye...Quiqs..Jim COOK...Linda..Sooz...JohnP... Life will never be the same again <smile>. Oh..and Ardis..thank you for defending me from the likes of Jim and Quiqs!

Jenny Cranfill, 80

AF>Ardis..Gary..Gaye...Quiqs..Jim COOK...Linda..Sooz...JohnP

Ooo. This is scary. Except for Jim and Linda, the same characters have threatened to show up in Charleston. Joined by several other folks who I remember as being even worse at Wagner.

This is gonna be fun! Gary '75

Photo #7
Friday night group photograph. Better pictures coming soon.

Some things never change

It is 12:02 am, had to drag Roberta Kicking and screaming out of the hotel to go home. 

Some things never change.

We had a suuuuuuuuuper swell time today. The BBQ was a lot of fun. Didn't count how many bodies there was, but I know how much potatoe salad was there.......enough to feed this reunion and 2 more!

Lots of giggles passing around yearbooks and photos. Great food, like to die for!! Shishkabob, potatoe salad, steaks, potatoe salad hot dogs, potatoe salad, hamburgers, potatoe salad, lumpia, potatoe salad, beans, potatoe salad, corn, potatoe salad, tortilla chips, hot sauce, potatoe salad, beer, potatoe salad, sodas, potatoe salad, and for desert we had........ guess what?? ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ potatoe salad! It was such a relaxing time and met some real neato people----- lots of photos were taken. Our thanks to the host and his wife......what was his name, John...... Jeff???? Directions to the bbq are in the car and his name is one that sheet. Any who........ it was grrrrrrrrrreat! :)

I'll let someone else tell you about the dinner and dance tonight. I had a blast and I am sooooooooo glad I went! What a weekend!!

Hubby"endured" pretty well, considering. :)

Got to go find the duct tape to put over Roberta's mouth so she will go to sleep! TOMORROW----- circus!! circus!!

Today, at one of the 3 performances, we heard there was a fire in a back room and they evacuated alllllllllll the audience, the performers and the animals!! Boy! Am I glad we were not at THAT performance!! right?? I am also praising God that no one was hurt!!

night all.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Linda Jones '68

Photo #8

Group picture. Left, Dianne York '69, Melissa Riggs '70, John Prunier '65, Diane Edleman Lowrey '69, VJ Slupecki '70, and Linda Jones '68

Austin...A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Well, I'm back home--safe and sound--from Austin. Folks, it was absolutely incredible. I knew I was going to have a good time, a wonderful time, but I couldn't begin to imagine how GREAT it was going to be. Some of my personal highlights (Ladies, I'm too lazy right now to look up your current last names) :

1. Getting to spend time just "hanging out" with Barb Hines '72 as "best buds" again. Although Barb and I have kept in touch and seen each other many times in the 27 years since we left the PI, they were nothing like this. Just being able to be together and let the discussion go any which way--instead of trying to catch up x-number of years with kids hanging on your arms, begging for attention--was so wonderful.

2. Getting to meet our illustrious webmaster John Prunier, site administrator Gary McClellan, and all the rest of my IRC Wagner Chat buddies (I know I'm gonna forget someone): Susan73, Gaye74, Jenny80, Chuck74 & Birgit, Jim Cook, Ardis75, Quig74. It was WONDERFUL putting a face to all you people! I kept walking around saying, "I feel like I've found a whole new bunch of friends!"

3. Meeting the infamous Dary Matera. Dary, if I ever go back and get my Master's in Psychology, I'm gonna have SUCH a wealth of information for a case study, haha! (I already know you're gonna flame me from now on, so I figured I'd give you a little fuel for the fire!! Post all ripostes to dapark... I have already subscribed, as per your orders.) He even autographed one of his books for me (but I can't read the last two words <sigh>).

4. Finding my high school diary in a box in my basement the night before I left for Austin, that has pages and pages of insights into the addled mind and distorted logic of the 15-year old female. It was too, too funny to re-read this during the reunion. I was able to prove to Ginny Wainscott '75 that she knew me, and we spent the weekend reminiscing about life in Don Bonifacio. Saturday afternoon a bunch of us spent time in the hotel pool, reliving our days at Pool #3 at Clark. (Ginny, you KNOW you're not allowed on that rope!)

5. We have decided (well, I think, anyway) that Pam Groce '73 shouldn't EVER be allowed to attend a reunion again without her children! All three of them are wonderful dancers, and the audience was continously thrilled by the performances of the two kids on the dance floor. And they're only 11 & 15! (I am still shuddering to think of a household with three such extroverted people in it! Her daughter said they keep each other entertained! Tyler, Texas, doesn't know what hit it! 

6. My vote for Person Who Has Changed the Most: Cindy Scriffin 72. She's livin' the dream of every girl to attend her high school reunion looking absolutely STUNNING. Cindy teaches aerobics part-time, and she is a living advertisement for her job. You go, girl!

7. Person Who Has Changed the Least: Eva Underwood '71, Nanette Veurink '72, Dary Matera '73, Ginny Wainscott '73, with an honorary mention to Roberta Wexler Tucker (Faculty), are all good nominees. However, the award goes to...<drum roll, please> Dave Sapp '72. Dave, I'da known ya anywhere! (Too bad he's not online to read this.)

8. Walking past the lobby and up a short flight of stairs, to discover the hotel restaurant is named..... The Park. No lie. I wanted to take a picture of Dary sitting alone in the restaurant with the menu partly covering his face <caption: Dary in The Park>, but we settled for a picture outside with all the current subscribers to dapark who were in attendance, taken underneath the neon sign. Doncha dare all blame me if the photos don't turn out. I TOLD you it was too dark outside! Dary's hair will never be the same (the humidity, ya know).

9. Watching all these people dancing on Saturday night, to a multitude of songs from the 60's and 70's, and having one of those little "teary-eyed moments" from thinking, "I never thought I'd see any of these people again... and here they all are!"

10. Realizing that I have finally found a missing link to some of the bits and pieces of my life. Although we didn't move around a lot (only 3 tours that I really recall), there was always the sense that when you moved, it was over (with only a couple of exceptions, I have kept in touch with no one). Although it didn't seem to bother me at the time, I've discovered in middle age that it is not healthy for me to have these gaps in my life. I'm never, never, never going to miss another 70-74 reunion unless it absolutely cannot be avoided! (and I'll try to get to those others when I can).

Charleston, you're up next! Those of you who are still sittin' on the fence, it's not too late to change your mind and go. I don't think you'll regret it.

I know this is incredibly long, and I'm sorry for that, but I needed to let all you wonderful, wonderful Falcons out there how much you, Wagner, and Austin mean(t) to me!

Love to you all, Susan Anderson '72 (Oct69-Jun71) Marston

Photo #9
VJ Slupecki '70, Karen Rogg "Roggy" '80 and John Prunier '65.
"Parking for Filipinos Only"
"All Others Will Be Towed"
Roggy and VJ

Kinda numb

Just dragged in from Austin. Kinda numb. Very little sleep. Watched the sun come up both mornings. 

Gaye is a wild woman, but very sweet. Saw her running around the hotel corridors with her cohorts in crime (Linda Vargus and Susan DiBartilo 73) like it was a big college dorm. Danced her head off. 

Pam Gross 73, also cut some kind of rug -- along with her dancing machine kids and little Barishnakoff son. 

Very cool. These reunions are really something special. This internet family has linked everyone together to such an extent it really makes up for the expanse of years that are covered. When you go, you have your class, the people you remember from classes above and below you, and all the WHOA page internet folks. Makes it really heartwarming and very, very close. Heck, I even danced a Macarena with Hot Tub Jenny!!!!!!!! 

Mucho cudos and thanks to Snazzy Jazzy Jeff and his beautiful lava lava, lime green wearing wife Letti for the super BBQ Saturday. Food like you wouldn't believe. Mountains of it. And the infamous Linda J potato salad was delicious! I took a two-pound container full back to the hotel and wolfed it down at 4 a.m. 

Great meeting a lot of the crew, Gary, John again, RAD, Bull, whose's a huge, handsome WWF kind of dude, VJ, Kit Kat (thanks for the beautiful lai -- to tired to make my usual crass joke). The SpanMex looked absolutely radiant despite not wearing a cantina dress (when she finally arrived), Roggy 80 was a delight as always, Susan M was neat when she wasn't setting me up with some meanie!, some new lava lava girls like Abby Padilla who winged in from Japan just to meet me:-) reams of people moods and memories. Great stuff. Great time. More later. -- Dary `73
Oh, if anybody knew Cindy Schiffin, 72 (or 71?), wait til you see the pictures.

bed clothes
Photo #10

Linda Vargas and Gaye Parnell. Room 312.


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