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Austin, TX Reunion, 10-12 July 1998
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Gary McClellan '75 - Tom Rutherford '72 - Karen Rogg '80 - Susan Anderson '72

Susan DiBartolo '73 - Dary Matera '73 - More Tom Rutherford - More Susan Anderson

Photo #16
Ardis '75 following a trail of whipped cream laid out by Jeepney Jen.

Another perspective of Austin

I know this will be a novel, but there are so many many things I don't ever want to forget. Hoping that my partners in crime and anyone else will appreciate this. 

I would like to first thank Dary for his fine choice of words to describe me. I am definitely a wild one - full of energy, life, fun and maybe - perhaps - just a little hyper. Gary kept on trying to push ritalin on me...perhaps, he and others wanted to sleep? heh heh 

Thursday afternoon started off with greeting friends at the airport. Almost a quarter of a century have passed, and I soon realize our sense of who we were in high school have not changed all that much. That was refreshing to me. My husband kept warning me that I shouldn't build all this up and be let down by having too great of expectations -- but the reunion by far surpassed any expectation I ever had! 

I was a bit concerned seeing all the men folk setting up their computer gear. I thought..are they crazy?? Talk about addiction!! It didn't take long to figure out they were not gonna miss out on all the fun!! Truly I was in good company. 

Thursday night - First stop to Karen's and crew. What a kick to get to know Karen. That hubby is a lucky one - or it it the other way around? Anyway, thank you two for a swell time. 

Next stop...dancing? Go figure!!! Linda Vargas (another wild and crazy gal) was my tag team partner. Jim was the instructor. It was wonderful to actually learn how to couple dance the ol' Texan way...I know, I know Karen - I know how real Texan's dance now. :) 

However, I soon realize why I live a sheltered life - and do not frequent the bar scene. Yeah right Jim, you really didn't know about the "swimsuit" competion... after several minutes of looking the other way it ended - thank goodness that experience was over for me! Dancing resumed and a strange woman came up to me and asked if I was gay. Oh, I realize she wants to know if I am "Gaye." Jenny!!! My new found friend! I love you dearly!! And I was soo tickled that Ardis, my neighbor from the past and a wonderful man, immediately knew who I was after all of these years!! btw Ardis - thanks for taking care of Quig - that glass trick just about did him in!!! 

The night (or morning actually) was still young. The gang listened to music, talked, laughed and started telling.....jokes. They soon realize I am as clueless to this as I am to the chat room. I wasn't kidding when I said I live a sheltered life. No thank you, I do not want a translator!! I know this is not going to die any easier than the ol' Chuck story. Ugh!! 

Now, it seems to me that the the gang decided not to sleep, or that is how I remember the plan was before we sent to of course we had to have a pillow fight to wake up anyone that felt that they had a need to sleep...Gary, Ardis, Jen?? 

With all of this activity going on, food was necessary to rejuvinate. So we waited, waited, waited and still waited for Linda to get ready. Did we say breakfast or lunch?? Oh yeah, breakfast for $12.00 - that's the ticket! 

Friday afternoon - Linda and I manned the registration table for a bit and we were able to first greet the likes of Bill and Lori Gardner, Kathy Bertrum and Chuck and Birget Ssldkfjl;gmlerkvtj qo;elrtjvpw;erlgjmlwktg. Yes, I really do know that Chuck and Birget are real people!! Okay guys....can we let this one die now? I am sure I can come up with a new one to replace this one....don't say anything Gary :) Actually, not only are Chuck and Birget real - they are great!! 

Later that day, Jim, Linda and I went to the airport to pick up Quig - just to find out, after an hour of searching, that he was not there. We did find out that he did board the plane - so we went back to meet him at the coattail party. With exactly two minutes to get dressed (I was timed to show Linda a woman could get ready fast!) we went to see the Prez. All the worry, wait and scheming to get Quig to the reunion was well worth it. While at the party, I was also looking for Bull. Can you believe I couldn't find him without help? Turns out - I wasn't looking up enough! What a man!! 

Saturday morning began with me, Quig, Ardis and Jenny being involved in a casual stroll around the area. Right, Jenny? heh heh I realized, after the fact, that it really makes a difference power walking/running with hills. I do still realize I have muscles I forgot I had. 

I was steamrolled and have pictures to prove it. Thanks guys for not going "overboard." :) 

Next stop - Jeff's house. This was a great time to get to know Linda, aka, the potato"e" lady and Roberta. What a hoot those two are!!! Another great time to get to know everyone there. Dary had his Dary moments of talking about chorus gowns and such; however, I saw a nice and gentlemanly side of Dary as we were talking in the house. I hope you don't mind Dary if I wreck your image - but it is true :) btw, don't forget to look for Bev's address. Thanks! At Jeff's, I finally got to meet Roggy and Kit Kat!! Girlfriends - we are even gonna have more fun together the next time - watch out world!!! Thanks Jeff, for having us over!! 

I finally connected faces to names, and faces to the chat room. Susan from MN and Barb, and the rest of the gang - words can't express the emotions here!! We actually were able to have real live gurl talk - instead of at the chat. And we welcomed a new member to the group - Birget we are honored! 

We kept losing John and Susie Q...but we kept looking. One thing you don't realize about people here - is if they are hard of hearing. I soon realize that John Boy is very hard of hearing. No matter how hard I would pound on his door - he just couldn't hear it. Gotta get that checked John Boy! :)
I have one more page left to type - but there will have to be a second parter to this novel - I have to go to a meeting. I will type it tonight however - have to let you know the story about security and me seeing how "real" Texan rednecks behave-- ....Jim...I wasn't even gonna mention that either! Second chapter to follow.......Gaye74

Photo #17
At Jeff Worth's house for the BBQ on Saturday. 
Left sitting, Don Quigley '74, John Prunier '65, Jenny Cranfill '80, Karen Rogg '80, Ardis Fergusen '75, Gaye Perkins '74, Jim Cook '75, Bill Gardner '74, Chuck Schladenhauffen '74.
Standing left, Gary McClellan '75, ?, Jeff Worth, ?, ?

Pillow Fight Hell

Yeah, I still wana hear about that 4AM pajama party/pillow fight. --David '64

Which one? What night? What floor? That kind of nonsense went on constantly -- cept for the time the hotel security threw Gaye, Linda, Cookie, Quig, Roggy and assorted other partially dressed alumnus outta the hotel for making more noise than Guns and Roses. I had to pay off the cops to allow them to come back -- but only after assuring Austin's finest that they would keep the "pajama" in pajama party. Not only that, you guys trashed that room worst than the Olympic hockey team. They're gonna be cleaning mysterious stuff off the rug for months! And Roggy, what the heck was that gooey stuff on your walls, girl! The Horror! -- Dary `73

OOOOHHHHH, Gary !!!!!!!!! Why doncha tell the pillow story and the kidnapping story, and the coffee grinds story and the . . . . . . 

Susan DiBartolo '73

I must have missed some of those. I guess I was too busy trying to figure out who had scewed my bed. 

Gary McClellan '75

Right!!! Don't go being all innocent and "stuff". Just cos you got a couple of hours sleep during the whole weekend. . . No excuses. 

Susan DiBartolo '73

Wait a minute, Gary. Even I can't resist this--someone SCREWED the bed? Explain please. Arlene '72

"scewed" the bed???? is that like "shiskabed"???? nah...couldn't be!!! that'd be skewered.... jeanne72

ROAAAAARRRR! Dont forget the wet rag story. Gary...I thought your bed finally got descewed. Whats up with that? <ack!! Did *I* just say that?> 

Jenny, 80

Thursday morning...around 3am...Gary, John P, Sooz, Linda, Gaye, Jim COOK, Ardis and I were all in Gary's room. We were listening to music, passing pictures and yearbooks around, telling jokes <of which we had to explain most of them to Gaye> and laughing until our jaws and sides ached. Someone noticed Gary's bed was not setting on it's rails properly. A section of railing was sticking out and was dangerous. I believe it was Linda who used the term "Your bed is all scewed up." That led to other sentences with the new verb "to scew" in them. In our present frame of mind we thought that quite hilarious. Come to think of it..its still hilarious!!
Jenny, 80

Susan, Dary, Gaye
Photo #18
Left, Ardis, Gaye, Dary, and Susan. The "Duck" in front.

Another perspective of Austin - chapter two

A continuation of good times... 

Saturday night was the night of all nights. First, thank you to Jen and Linda for helping me out with "technical difficulties." I really enjoyed the dancing. Could you tell??? The only other person in my life that I have ever seen that has more energy than myself is Pam Groce. Wipe-out!!!! Sorry for that bruise, Pam! :) 

I really wish that I had spent more time with Rick Pacania, Abby Padilla and Bill Gardner. Next time I will not make that same mistake. It was soo good to see all of you again. Enjoyed dancing. Kept hearing about Mike Lowrey and enjoyed dancing. Okay, you get the picture. There was this one song - I believe James Brown sings it....hmmmm..."I feel good" perhaps? Now what was that strange noise I kept hearing?? Susie Q?? heh heh. I know I keep on saying I enjoyed dancing - which I most definitely did - but mostly it was a pleasure to dance with friends that are dear to me. 

Sunday morning - one last breakfast with friends - not saying goodbye - and teaching the tush push one more time to Barbara, a new found friend, and Susie Q - to prepare for Charleston. Going with Jen and Ardis to tell a few hundred Brazilians at the hotel - "Viva La France!!!" VJ is a smart man - even I know my limits!! However, I did tell a few that passed by. They took it well. Just glad the "few" didn't see me after the game. 

Okay, now to the hotel security situation...I was an innocent bystander just minding my own business when low and behold I get doused with silly string all over my borrowed gown (yes fully dressed I might add) right when the security comes my way. He bellowed something about police being called to escort us out when all others dash into the room - with the exception of Quig - armed with his water world super soaker and I in my silly string. Okay, okay....I will admit to starting this whole thing with a pillow fight that created a war. Whatever was I thinking? You mean.....we weren't at kid's camp after all??? Oh was good clean (except for the silly string and coffee grounds) fun. 

Now Jim, truly, I was not even going to bring up the Texas redneck situation - but you brought it up.:) My version is just a tad different. Now Jimbo, anyone in Austin can tell you I am directionally impaired! I kept following you for about ten minutes until I finally said "where is the car?" I was following your lead, remember?? We took a round about way - just in case. Later, I did see your "friends" and I did make you stay put for a bit and made sure you were calm. Also my friend Jim, don't ever do that to me again!!!! It is scary to be a peacemaker to a very big, drunk Texan. However, I did not want to see blood - and I didn't want to be stranded!!! And it wasn't just you three getting ready to duke it out - there were dozens of barefooted, shirtless, mean looking rednecks with Coors in hand hollering, "fight, fight!" They were coming from nowhere. All these men - and! No doubt my heart wasn't pounding and I was shaken up just a bit. The one big guy was calm after I offered to clean his car - thank goodness! And I would do it again in a half a heart beat to keep the peace. No other way for me. I love you bud - but next time I hold your arm before you cross the street! :) I can definitely say there was some major excitement in my life for a few days!!! 

Jim did get me safely to my "blind" friend's house in San Antonio. She only got a glimpse of Gary's sense of humor. Too funny. 

I have to finish by saying I am soooo grateful for my family, but especially Bill for putting up with the wild thing that I am. He has to deal with me and all my craziness on a daily basis - you all only had to endure it for a few days, gang. Do you really think Charleston is ready for me?? Does anyone in South Carolina......DANCE???? 

I truly miss all of you so much already. There is an empty place in my heart without you near. Let's get rich quick!!! Gaye 74

Photo #19
Another picture at Jeff's barbeque.
Sitting left, Bill Gardner '74, Jim, Ardis, Linda, and Susan.
Standing, Gaye, Dary, Jenny, and Sean McDaniel '83.

Class of '72

Hi, Gang! 

I'm just so disappointed that this weekend ended. I've decided to take some dancing lessons so that the next time I dance with "Dream Girl" I'll know what the heck I'm doing. I was inspired by watching Bull Durham and Steve Riggs gazing starry-eyed into one another's eyes as they did The Stroll among all the hoots and hollers at Saturday night's bash. They make such a lovely couple--obviously a match made in Austin. 

Jeff Worth--thanks again for the BBQ invitation. I would like to visit with you on my next trip to Austin. Please extend my thanks to your lovely bride, won't you? 

Jenny--Jim Quinn didn't do it! (He may have WANTED to get into trouble, but he didn't!) 

Susan Anderson Marston--Hey! I still think you have the right idea. Have a mini-reunion in your part of the country (close to Byron Center) sometime in the cooler seasons. Heck--the dead of winter is fine with me! It was 110 degrees here Sunday afternoon! You and Barb figure it out and count on me being there. (Did you see that, Jeepney Jen? I made a commitment!) 

To all of you who were in Austin and those who were not: Thanks. You all have touched my life, and I'm a more enriched person for knowing you either in person or on this web site... I can't wait for the next reunion. (Byron Center! Byron Center! Byron Center!) 

Good night all. It's time for me and the brown-eyed blonde roommate to hit the sack. 

Jim Quinn Class of '72 Nov. '68 to Nov. '70

By the way--Class of '72 had more representation in Austin than any other! What a team!!! 

Hello friends- I made it back safe and sound. Thanks to all of you who were concerned! I had 24 hours to savor the 40 or so I spent with all of you. My heart still swells and I get a lump in my throat when I think of it all. It's just so amazing! I never thought I would see any of you again! 

Jim Quinn is right. If, as you read this you are unsure of whether or not you should attend a reunion, drop everythng and GO! What ever it takes; get there! It was one of the best times of my life! It was a chance to renew friendships with people I haven't seen in 27 years. In addition, I made friends with those I missed while at Clark and those I 've met here on the "web". My heart is very full tonight!!! 

When I arrived home here my dad had a call in with strict orders. I was to call as soon as I put down my suitcase. My dad's health hasn't been in top form lately and I think he's attempting to reconcile things he'd like to have done differently.Before I left for Austin we had a talk in the hospital. He remembers how devastated I was when we had to return to the States just before my Senior year. He says he remembers my tears and unhappiness and felt very sad about it all. This is all news to me until this week. 

For many reasons, it's very fitting my dad is the first one to hear about Austin. He laughed right out loud when I retold Bull's story of trying to fit under his desk with his spelling book over his head as a 6' tall eleven year old during air raid drills at school. Susan's diary provided all the information I'd long forgotten! Movie ticket stubs with names of movies and dates, bus ticket stubs that added up to 21, 31, 41 of places I'd long forgotten...this list is endless 

As long as we're here-my first kiss was 28 years ago tomorrow! It was my 16th birthday. The "kisser" was and still is my favorite life guard:) 

Jim, sorry I did not get to say good bye. Mike and I want you to know the door's always open. I'm planning to visit Byron Center, too! 

Thanks to Gary and John who started the website and made it possible for all of us to meet again. Thanks also to Karen and Dwight for laboring over such a fantastic celebration! 

The piece of my heart that was torn nearly thirty years ago has been mended. My dad and I both thank you for that! May God hold you and keep you safe until we meet again! 
Barbara Hines Kiella ' 72 Oct ' 69 - Aug' 71

The Swing
Photo #20
Kathy "Kit Kat" Santa Maria '71 and Karen "Roggy" Rogg '80.


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