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Austin, TX Reunion, 10-12 July 1998
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Gary McClellan '75 - Tom Rutherford '72 - Karen Rogg '80 - Susan Anderson '72

Susan DiBartolo '73 - Dary Matera '73 - More Tom Rutherford - More Susan Anderson

Following Photos Contributed by Karen L. Rogg '80
Photo #45
Doing the Macarena at the dance
Dary Matera '73, Jenny Cranfill '80 and Don Quigley '74

My own thoughts of a reunion

Jim Cook '75

My own thoughts!!! I wasn't worried that I didn't weigh 135lbs anymore. Or that I wasn't what's her names boyfriend. As it got closer and closer to the reunion I worried about those that I would meet again, and those that I would meet for the first time. My hair was still full, but now with grey strands running wildly through. I was no young kid anymore, and yet I still felt as though all my friends were still as young and vibrant as they were in Wagner. I was afraid, that perhaps they had aged only in terms of years, not in their looks or youthfullness. I was still a young kid, wandering the hallways of Wagner. Some of my friends, had walked those same hallways when I did back at Clark. Others had graced Wagner with their presence years before, and some years afterwards. Some, whom I had only met through the Wagner chat channel, whom I could only envision as 16 or 17 year olds. Others, whom I had known at Wagner, I strained to picture. Had they aged gracefully??? Would I be disappointed when I saw them again. Would they even remember me??? 

As I drove up to the reunion, I couldn't help but think of my last days at Wagner. All my friends, I just knew I would never see them again, as I prepared myself for that metamorphisis, when everytime I left one of my dads duty stations. Months before, I would start to distance myself from my friends, this always made it easier to say goodbye. But, as luck would have it only a couple of those attending this reunion attended the same time that I did at Wagner, and since I didn't know that I was leaving until a couple of days before I actually left Clark, I didn't get to do the "distance thing." Those that I had really looked forward to seeing, had graduated in the months before I left. And while, my memory strained to remember events that we shared at Wagner, the moment that I hugged them, all those memories didn't make any difference anymore. You see, one of my biggest regrets was that I didn't remember as much as everyone else. As the stories came across the Wagner mailing list, I wondered to myself, why don't I remember as much as everyone else. Why can't I remember someone's name, I really....really should remember. Or, yes, now I remember that, but why didn't I remember it before?? I thought that everyone would only talk about what had happened many years before. If that were to happen, then I knew that I would be disappointed. But, to my pleasant surprise, we spent little time on yesterday and spent most of our time on today. I met my new friends. I danced with angels. I was 17 again. Some of my memories came back to me. But more importantly, that which I had decided 20 some years ago, turned out to be false. That is, that I would see my friends again. And my new friends that I met face to face, all I can say is that it is my absolute priviledge to have been at the reunion. To put faces to nicks on the internet. To share a hug, a smile, a laughter, and an inside joke, that is what made this reunion so very special to me. To meet someone who made my heart go pidder padder after what now seems like ages ago. To laugh at something that you had to be there to understand. To see a smile cross a friends face. These are the memories that I shall now cherish. Some of you may not understand. And for that, all I can say is too bad. It is time for you to attend a reunion. It will definitely do your body good. And for my very special friends, and you know who you are, all I can say is that you have now made my life complete. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I couldn't be able to explain this to you but, I love each and everyone of you. Your happiness and caring is most important to me. For it was at the reunion that we formed a new and ever lasting bonds of friendship and happiness. We have taken what once was beyond our control and conveyed a commitment, that never again, shall we lose our friendship through travels or time. 

Well put Jim. It should be for the friendships, good times, and relationship we have or had with each other during that time in our life. I ran into Don Quigley after I joined the Air Force, we hung out with Trina Massey a couple of time in Oklahoma. Then in 1996 I ran across Don again, met his wife, family and renewed a friendship that we always had. It is great to meet up with old friends again. I cant wait till I get to one. Don will tell you, I may have hair, and beard back then, put by choice it is all gone now. Kinda of like GOLDBERG for any of you WCW/WWF fans. 

George 74


So well said, Jim. You and I are from the same class, but have never met. Some of your thoughts mirror mine. I wasn't planning to attend Phoenix, because of money being short (just purchased a condo), but I'm really beginning to reconsider (shall we overload the Visa). Thanks again for your post. I hope very much to meet with you face-to-face at some reunion very soon. Are you planning on attending Phoenix? 

Belden 75 

George - Gary found Trina Massey for me just a couple of days ago!! Now I have Quig and Trina back in my life! Wow! What can I say? 


Jim -- I was wondering where all these Re: messages were coming from and I had to check my deleted file... your original post came through blank for me, so I had to dig up the digest version. 

What wonderful thoughts you shared! As I have been a part of the mailing list since about April or May--more and more active--and then the IRC chat group, I have found more and more of my memories returning. I'm a firm believer that you have to actively think about these things in order to keep them in the more easily accessible parts of your memory. 

I don't have lots of stories to share. I used to be able to remember names, dates, details (ask Barb72) but this ability has faded as I've gotten older. I appreciate all the memories that have been shared by others... I'm re-living vicariously through you all.
MNSusan72 with increasing regret that she didn't dance with you in Austin <G>

Photo #46
At the dinner and dance on Saturday
The Lowery clan

Dance Group
Photo #47
Dancing Saturday night
Left (partially hidden) Diana Ruff '78, Nancy Curll '72, Bull Durham '71, Karen Slaughter '71, ?, Don Quigley '74

Photo #48
Miss Roberta Wexler, faculty, and her certificate for attending the reunion.

Photo #49
More awards. Left, Roberta, Gary McClellan '75, and John Prunier '65 (Honorary '75)

Photo #50

Karen Slaughter '71 (hidden) is presented a gift of appreciation for her work in organizing the reunion by Sally King '71

Karen Bogart


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