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Austin, TX Reunion, 10-12 July 1998
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Gary McClellan '75 - Tom Rutherford '72 - Karen Rogg '80 - Susan Anderson '72

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Photo #21

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Although it didn't seem to bother me at the time, I've discovered in middle age that it is not healthy for me to have these gaps in my life. I'm never, never, never going to miss another 70-74 reunion unless it absolutely cannot be avoided! (and I'll try to get to those others when I can). 

Charleston, you're up next! Those of you who are still sittin' on the fence, it's not too late to change your mind and go. I don't think you'll regret it. 

I know this is incredibly long, and I'm sorry for that, but I needed to let all you wonderful, wonderful Falcons out there how much you, Wagner, and Austin mean(t) to me! 

Love to you all, Susan Anderson '72 (Oct69-Jun71) Marston

Nice job, Susi! You're right. All you ancient ones head to Charleston on the double. These things can't be missed. Thanks for coming to Austin, Susan! Come on, I looked better than Sapp! I didn't see Dave wearing his prom Tux! Cindy was indeed an inspiration. From Wagner geek to Vegas Showgirl! I think she was a ringer, however, like what Louie DePalma did on "Taxi." Sent that tall, handsome "Grease" cab-driver actor in his place. That's what the real Cindy did. She hired a 22-year-old, six-foot tall, exotic dancer to go for her. Hey, I gave her the police pat down -- a very thorough one -- during those slow dances. That weren't no 44-year-old body! -- Dary `73

Sorry, Linda, but I missed the BBQ. (Too bad, too, cause I missed out on the lumpia on Friday night as well <sigh>). Didn't get to see the potato salad, and Dary wouldn't share. 

From: Dary Matera: > Come on, I looked better than Sapp! I didn't see Dave wearing his prom Tux! 

Sorry, Dary, but I still vote for Dave. I knew him at Wagner, and I didn't know you. (Really, it's official--you're NOT in the *diary*!) 

Your tux will never be the same, either, after surviving the dog attack. And I think it was a Boxer, not a Dobie; Rusty the Boxer was their dog back in the PI. ('Sides, some people just don't get your sense of humor...) 

Still can't read what you wrote in your autograph in the book: Last line is something like... ooh, ooh, I just think I got it: Be sweet on the net babe??? Is that it? Make more sense than Be sweet on the met fake, which is what I thought it was at first.
Susan Anderson '72 (Oct69-Jun71) Marston AKA MNSusan72

Photo #22
Denise Lowery '75

All the beautiful ladies at Austin

Dary alert.....   Must have been an imposter at Austin impersonating Dary.  From the post that he made about Cindy you would have thought that she was the only stunning looking gal at the reunion.  Well, let me set the facts straight once and for all.  Every single woman at the Austin reunion was just absolutely, no questions asked stunningly beautiful.  And I can't even think how Mr. Dary could have thought otherwise.  Certainly, Ms. Cindy was stunning but so was everyone else.  All I saw were 15 and 16 year old young women who danced, laughed, giggled, whispered secrets, and bet to see who the unlucky one was that had to dance with Mr. Tuxedo Prom King.  He kind of reminded me of the frog on Budweiser, felt left out and tried to do his best to be part of the main act, even resorted to blackmail and terroristic threats.   Those of you that didn't attend Austin, eat your hearts out.  I had a blast, and won't come down until the end of July at the earliest.  Thanks to all of you beautiful, drop dead gorgeous women that were kind enough to dance with me the entire three nights.  I will never forget those nights.   Jim '75 aka Cookie aka zman are an AWESOME dancer and we will forever be at your beck and call on the dance floor! No Gaye! Back Linda! It's *MY* turn to dance with Jim! 

Jenny, 80

And even though I had the GREATEST PARTNER AT THE REUNION, Jim, you promised me a dance!!!!!! NEXT TIME!!! okey dokey?
Susan DiBartolo 73

Photo #23
The Park Restaurant at the Holiday Inn Northwest
Left:  Ginny Wainscott '75

austin sum more

Just wanted y'all to know - I looked, but I did not see the Dary everyone always talks about. The guy I met was OK, wore funny clothes to the Saturday night >fever< dance and talked a lot...but was not anything like what has been used to describe him. 

Also, I met MNSusan73, whose hubby is the poleeth and has personalized handcuffs. I detect a bit of sparring going on between Mr Night Fever and she...that thread might be worth following cause that is one neat lady. Birgit<--one of the girls) and Chuck, y'all need to stay away from that crowd you were seen with. The only one not labled "running with the wrong crowd" there was John, and that's cause he is SOOOO cool that no one could do that to him!!!! 

Karen...thank you, thank you, thank you (and dwight)for your hospitality and the really fine job you did with putting this week-end together. Please do me a favor and thank hotel security for making that crowd on the third floor quiet down...Roggy, where were you during all of this?? hee hee ardis
ps. looking for Mavis, she teaches typing!!!

Photo #24
John Driscoll '72, after the Saturday night dance.

Austin - C00L Reunion

Man o man what a great visit to Austin! 

My reunion activities started on Friday nite with the cocktail party. happily our kindly hosts bought my story that "the check is in the mail" and let me thru the door. Finally got to meet Gary, John, Dary, VJ, Bull, Kit Kat, and other onliners for the first time as well as *Jeepney Jen* and *Roggy* who I hadn't seen in seventeen or eighteen years. 

Well lubricated from the cocktail party we migrated to 6th street, the party street of Austin, where everyone was disappointed to discover that the Hang 'Em High Saloon had closed, but, the falcons, ever resourceful, ended up at the 311 Club listening (and dancing to) some rockin' rhythm and blues. Highlight of the evening...booogie ooogie ooogie-ing with Jeepney Jen and getting to see the pictures of her eight children ;> 

The next day was Jeff's big "Q"...and what a "Q" it was! Beef satay (chef manong VJ, grill-meister), lumpia, a picnic table groaning with goodies, Jeff's wife Letty must have the patience of a saint to let us rowdies take over her house! She even served me sio pao! ("food of the gods") Whatta sweetheart. We also enjoyed potatoE salad courtesy of the potatoE salad lady! And it were yummy. 

Put a good size dent in the tequila, with the assistance of my pare co's from the old daze, and as the sun sank slowly in the west, enjoyed a long rambling (and almost near coherent) discussion about the meaning of life. Stared up at the stars in that Texas sky, so like that endless Philippine night sky over the cane fields of so long ago, and finally, crawled away some time in the early AM when the beer supply was exhausted. 

only regret: missing Diana '78 on Saturday...where ya be darlin'? That cuervo had your name on it. 

Anyway, I got sooooooo high that I could ride on a crest of joy all the way to Phoenix in October. The weekend was too short. And I can't wait to DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! 
RAD Rich Dugan '81

<swat> Thats FOUR children only! of the highlights ofmy weekend was seeing you again! Bet ya couldn't tell by the many times I hugged you huh :) How come you're the only one who got shi pao? Whats up with that!? <ack! I said it again!> 

Charleston and Phoenix here I come!!
Jenny, 80

John 2
Photo #25
Another picture of John Driscoll '72

Thanks Jeff
>I do regret that I didn't get to spend more time with 
>ya'll.... Let's do this again...soon....

>Jeff Worth '83 

Ya know Jeff, I wish you could have been there too at the festivities Friday and Saturday night, but your bbq was wonderful. Again thanks for all you and Lette did. The food was MASARAP!!! And I am telling you your eldest daughter Sophie is the spittin' image of you when I first saw you at Wagner. And as for doing this all again . I say we DO! Let's do this again in Texas! But not at a Holiday Inn - they might remember the Wagner group and not allow us near the place! HEE HEE Texas - one more time!!!!!! 
Roggy '80

Photo #26
Cindy Scriffin '72 and John Driscoll '72
John and Cindy


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