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Austin, TX Reunion, 10-12 July 1998
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Gary McClellan '75 - Tom Rutherford '72 - Karen Rogg '80 - Susan Anderson '72

Susan DiBartolo '73 - Dary Matera '73 - More Tom Rutherford - More Susan Anderson

Following Photos Contributed by Tom Rutherford '72
Photo #27
In the Hospitality Room
L to R:  Jan Farrell '71, Karen Slaughter '71, ?.

Post-Austin Blues

And ... here's another wonderful Austin Reunion memory just relayed to me by Jim Cook ... 

Jim: Gaye and I stopped at Gruene and I almost got the shit kicked out of me, or I almost kicked the shit out of two drunks there. 

Gary: Fun - how'd you have that happen? 

Jim: Gaye was shaking for a couple of hours afterwards. 

Gary: Wow 

Jim: We walked down to the Guadalupe to see the tubing and on our way back I was crossing the street, in the crosswalk. Two guys in a convertible almost hit me as they sped past me, so I poured my can of coke on them. They turned around a couple of times, yelling, cursing, and threating to kick the shit out of me. I tried to ignore them and Gaye and I kept walking up the hill. Gaye was telling me to calm down, and I just kept telling her that I was calm. I wasn't the one who kept turning their car around. Finally, they stopped their car, got out, and ran across the street towards me. Gaye stayed on the otherside of the street. One of the guys was short and stocky, and the driver was rather tall and lanky. Both smelled of beer. The tall guy grabs my shirt and starts yelling that I am going to wipe of his car. I told him, not only was I not going to wipe of his car, but if he didn't get his hands off of me, I was going to deck him. I grabbed his hand, the one holding my shirt, when a bunch of security guys came running up towards us and telling the two drunks to move away and move their car. They escorted the drunks back to their car and two stayed and talked to me. They told me that they had already banned the two and did I want them to call the police. I told them no. Meanwhile, unknown to me, Gaye was wiping their car of with a towel. 

Gary: Sweetheart Gaye. 

Jim: I crossed the street and told Gaye, to stop towelling down the car, and she told me she was being the "peacemaker". As Gaye and I walked up the hill towards my car, the two drunks pass us and point to me and then to the left, indicating that they would see me on top of the hill. Low and behold they pulled into the same parking lot as I had earlier. Gaye and I walked up the street and avoided them. While Gaye is still shaking and telling me to calm down. I kept trying to tell her that I had already forgotten the incident, but I don't think that she believed me. I told her that the last fight that I had gotten into was in 7th grade and that I really wasn't interested in fighting. 

Gary: Gee whiz - you get have ALL of the fun! :) 

Jim: Finally, we go into the other end of the parking lot, only after hiding behind a tree at the insistance of Gaye, because she thought that she had seen the two drunks looking for us. We drove off and I dropped her off at her friends house. Met her darling daughter, Jessica and her friend's family. 

Jim: And they lived happily ever after, the end.
--- Gary McClellan '75

Photo #28
Mike Lowery and Ginny Wainscott '75
Mike and Ginny

> A few of us decided to locate the Sport's Bar for a pre-cocktail 
>toast. I guess I made a lasting impression with both the afternoon and 
>night bartenders, right Roggy '80? I NEVER had to order for the rest of 
>the Reunion, I'd walk in and presto, Jack Black Coke Rocks, before I 
>could climb on to the bar stool. 

Hoy ebryone! KitKat ain't kidding about NEVER ordering! Oh it was too punny. The bartender looked over at me and said "What will you have?" Well if I was there the night before I, too would have NEVER had to order. Ya see I was down on 6th street, the happening place in Austin, and well I don't even remember where I was! Oh what rum will do to ya! But I had fun! Drinking rum and coca cola .... loved ya'll in Austin! 

Roggy '80 

Oh yeah - did I tell I was with Eileen Covas '80 - now that's one party girl! Love ya leng!

Mike and Pam
Photo #29
Pam Groce '73 and Mike Lowery

Help! Zipper's stuck!
> Roggy...did you ever remember any of the names of the clubs???, 
>me neither, girl!!! And the grapevine said Saturday, you had to rip your 
>zipper to get out of your dress??? It's okay Roggy, you should have seen 
>me trying to get out of my lava-lava threads!!! 
> VJ....don't EVER fall asleep when Roggy and I are around (another 
>Kodak moment!).

Oh KIT! That dress just wouldn't unzip all the way and then right in the middle of my fight with this zipper, I get a knock at the door! It was the the lovely JIM COOK '75 with his gang and a super soaker!!! They got me again!!!! I tell ya - these guys were fun and like I said before I can take a joke and next time I'LL BE READY (in Phoenix). 

Now VJ - wait till I get my film developed! Oh KIT - it's gonna be a punny one! AY!! 

Roggy '80 Still on a high from Austin! 

Roggy '80 - After you left for the airport.....there was another VJ Kodak moment up in John P's room this the horizontal!!! 

~~~ Kit Kat '71

Hokay! John and VJ? John and KitKat? VJ and Kit Kat? Ay, I should have stayed for awhile :) But not to worry - I'll see you soon again! Hopefully the Caddy too, with the 8 tracks at Ace's place! 

Roggy '80

Roggy '80 ~~~~ Oh-Oh! Ace's is the place.... Here's a hint: John P was the photographer, the ladies were the choreographers, and I would be doing like what I was doing when we had that Kodak moment at the BBQ - got it? 
~~~ Kit Kat '71

Photo #30
Around the pool on Saturday
L to R:  Pam Groce '73, Jan Farrell '71, Dave Sapp '72, Sandi Thomas '71, Vickie McLaughlin '71 (far right)
Around the Pool 1

Saturday Night Fever Tux

Just wanted y'all to know - I looked, but I did not see the Dary everyone always talks about. The guy I met was OK, wore funny clothes to the Saturday night >fever< dance and talked a lot... Ardis

That was the caffeine at Jazzy Jeffs. Plus, the "funny clothes" was my White on white with black satin lapels Prom Tux, and Baby Blue Ruffled Shirt and bowtie from the 1972 and 1973 WHS prom! Still fit like a glove. I thought it looked groovy myself. Check the pics when they get posted. -- Dary `73

Ardis- but was not anything like what has been used to describe him.
Yeah, I hate when that happens. I keep showing up at these things and completely destroying my hard-earned rep as a @@@hole:-) -- Dary `73

Pool 2
Photo #31
Around the pool #2
L to R:  Ginny Wainscott '75, Denise Lowery '75, ?

More reunion stuff
Ardis wrote: >Just wanted y'all to know - I looked, but I did not see the Dary 
>everyone always talks about. The guy I met was OK, wore funny clothes 
>to the Saturday night >fever< dance and talked a lot...but was not 
>anything like what has been used to describe him. >

Ditto. But do remember he does bring a lot of that infamy to himself. He likes it that way :)
Linda wrote: Lets make it a point of doing this again very 
> soon! Um...can Lette cook again? <grin> > >> 
>hey----- count us in! We are only 1.5 hours from you Jeff! 
> > Tony, DH, Darling hubby, said he had a great time and he is looking forward 
>to meeting people from my class! uh-oh!! 

Hey Linda! Now I remember your Art teachers name - Roberta! Hey tell us the story on how ya'll met and hung around together! Nice people. You bet - we will do this again! I'm in for the San Antone reunion. Maybe we could do a mini in Lockhart? Ya'll have a pond that is stocked with fish yes? I'll bring the lumpia! (if I can bribe letty that is hehe). Tell your hubby that it was very nice of him to haul ya'll around and spend a 110 degree day hanging around with a bunch of crazy folks he didn't even know <G>. Some people just don't understand that us military people stationed overseas have a totoally unqiue culture that bonds us like nothing anyone can imagine.
> Jenny wrote: 
> How come you're the only one who got shi pao? Whats up with that!? 
>Jenny, 80

> >Nyahnyahnyahnyahnyah I got sio pao 'n you dinnt!! sticking out tongue>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >;> >RAD '81

Actually it was a bribe. He admitted there is a heaven in exchange hehe... But yanno, I don't think you missed much Jen - my sources tell me I didn't buy the real mccoy :( 

Oh and Rad, dude, I tried to cut and paste your message but that html stuff turns into that dreaded comet and really scews my editor up :) So, I'll just say Thanks for the nice comments and I am glad you had a good time. It's nice to get into a philosophical discussion under the stars with a bunch of drunks! hehe....
Jeff '83

Photo #32
Around the pool #3
?, Renee Madden, Ginny Wainscott '75
Pool 3


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