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Charleston, SC 1998 Reunion 
24-26 July 1998 - Page 9
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TLC's "Wagner High School"
See photos, videos, and audio clips from the Learning Channel's Reunion Program #17 
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Gary McClellan '75 -- John Prunier '65 -- Donna Smith '61 -- Dusty Austin '65 -- Sharon Bell '61 -- More John '65
Doug Kucklick '62 -- Steve Gladin '58 -- Susan DiBartolo '73 -- More Donna '61 -- Jean Whitman '59 -- Jenny Cranfill '80
Mary Lou Petryk '58 -- David Kight '64 -- More Donna '61 -- Tabb Walker '63 -- Janice Char '64 -- More Doug '62 
The following pictures contributed by John Prunier '65
Photo #49 
Left, ?, Sherry Weaver '64, and Vicki Niedenthal '64.

Our Engagement
Listers/Dear Friends, 

I got in from CHAS very late last night. After spot checking a few emails and a brief visit to the chat forum to report my whereabouts, I crashed for the night. Now, after a good nights rest, I think I should tell you all my brief version of the Susan-John engagement before the rumors get out of control or Susan changes her mind (ha ha). 

On Sunday morning, 26 July 1998, at approximately 10 AM EDT, Susan DiBartolo, Wagner High School Class of 1973, accepted my marriage proposal. 

I can't imagine anyone being happier than I am at this moment or, God willing, for the rest of my life! 

Susan and I met through the WHOA and the irc.whoa.org Chat Forum several weeks ago. As time went on, it was amazing how much we seemed to have in common in our lives and our future plans/desires. We began to spend more time communicating directly through email, chat, and then by phone. 

I was anxious to meet Susan in person. Since Susan now lives in Florida and I in California, it wasn't clear how we could arrange that until we both decided that the upcoming Austin Reunion would be the place. Anticipation of that meeting kept us both on edge and nervous for weeks. 

When we did meet, it was incredible! Suffice it to say that every aspect of our weekend in Austin was filled with a caring and love that I haven't experienced for many years as a widower. Somehow I knew that the timing was right and that the opportunity for me to propose was at hand. There was no doubt in my mind that I had fallen in love! 

Just before we both left Austin, I asked Susan to marry me. I waited until the last minute to propose so that we would both have a chance to consider everything marriage would mean to ourselves and our families. This we agreed could be best done while we were less stressed by the emotions and joy of a reunion. 

Although I think Susan was ready to answer, we agreed to wait until we were together again so that we could share her answer face to face. I wasn't sure whether that time would come at CHAS or a later date. 

We did meet again at CHAS, but I was caught up in a whirlwind of activities and responsibilities, not to mention the extreme emotions of meeting so many of my friends from Clark and my wonderful FL Becky Char '65 after 34 years. 

Susan was very helpful to me during CHAS by making sure I was where I should be during the many scheduled and unscheduled events that took place over the long weekend, and taking care of countless little details to help me out (transportation, corsage, photos, etc.). Knowing the focus of this reunion for me was the TLC coverage of the events and reuniting of so many of us from the '50 and '60s, she patiently waited until the reunion was concluding to surprise me with her answer. 

On Sunday morning, feeling the bittersweet emotions of one of the best weekends of my life, I dressed and went to the Hilton patio to say my farewells to all I could find. As I joined Susan and many others for breakfast, she surprised me with a very large cookie. Inscribed in large letters was the word "YES" in answer to my proposal at Austin. I was so happy that I nearly dropped the whole thing while TLC filmed the event. I have a picture to post later. 

Susan and I now begin serious planning for our future together. We haven't set a date yet, but I'm sure she and I would love to have all of you with us when we say our vows. Who knows, I can't think of a better time than at another gathering of our loving friends from Wurtsmith and Wagner High School! 

My thanks to all who have made this possible, especially Gaye Perkins '74, and that ever helpful MajorDomo at WHOA.ORG. Ha ha. 
John Edward Prunier '65, STB Mr. and Mrs. John and Susan Prunier

Photo #50 
Susan DiBartolo '73 and John Prunier '65 after the engagement on Sunday morning. The "yes" cookie on the table.

Our Engagement
Oh no, more tears! I have used up so many boxes of Kleenex since last Thurs. and here I go again! John and Sooz, may you have a lifetime of wedded bliss and always be each other's best friend. Will be anxiously awaiting your plans---thank you for sharing with us. 

Hugs, and love, Jean Whitman (59) Brown 

WOW. I knew I should have gone to Charleston. I hate missing out on anything. 

Congrats to both of you. How neat. Many happy years together. 

Diane 69 

John & Sue,  

Congrats on the engagement...Seems like this kind of thing happens at all the reunions....I think it was the Izor's last time. Anyway, Best of Luck & Many Happy Days. It's amazing what Falcons do when they get together. I guess that just go to prove: You're never too old to be 16 again. 

Quiz Question: How many Falcons does it take to turn a Wedding into the Party of the Year? Answer to be supplied at the next Falcon Wedding. 

Best of Luck again, and Much Happiness, Steve Lund '64 Sorry I missed everyone in Chas. 

John and Susan! I must add my best wishes for a long and happy life together! I had heard rumors at the reunion and when I asked John, he was a bit circumspect - guess you WERE waiting for an answer. CONGRATS!! CA to FLA is a tough one, but I'm sure you guys will work it out quite well. When it's meant to be, a few thousand miles won;t stop you. Besides, in the world of Bratdom, with all the miles we have all piled on, this will be a piece of (wedding) cake! Best wishes and love for you both for a long and wonderful life together. 

Linda '65

Photo #51 
Susan and John and the "yes" cookie again.

Our Engagement
Kuya John and Susan, 

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! 

How did I know something special was brewing in Austin? My Katlock skills had never failed me before, especially that night all of us were in the Sports Bar I literally saw the MAGICAL STARS in the way you two were LOOKING at each other! 

It was just like John singing that song, "...there was love all around and I never heard it singing, No I never heard it all...'til there was you! And there was music and wonderful romance....!" 

When I got back from Austin, I made the CHISMIS to the BARKADA offline, that there was LOVE in the air for both of you! 

I love Hallmark moments! ~~~ Kit Kat '71 

John, Congratulations to you both. May you always be as happy as you are right now. 

Fred King'62 '60-'62 

John, did TLC know of this? Did they get your proposal on tape? 

This is so romantic...I have tears streaming down my cheeks. :) 

Can't imagine a better way to start a marriage, John & Susan! 

You guys are so lucky to have found one another especially through the Whoa.org. Dreams do come true, huh?  

Nesie '75 

Congrats to John and Susan.....I guess anything is possible here on WHOA. 

bob levoy '72 

Congratulations and best wishes to you both!  

Ernest Segovia '76 

WOW! And you kept this a secret every time we talked on the phone! Let me know more as THINGS progress, okay? It sounds like a heck of a great reunion. I have already decided that am coming to San Antonio....no matter what. Take care...thinking of you often. Barbie Jane Tomczyk Hussey '66........ 
Susan, I guess or read the congrats are in order. Sounds like a whirlwind relationship. Kinda of unique in todays age. Hope all is well with you, hope you have found happiness, and your "soul mate". May you have many happy days ahead.

George 74 

Congratulations you two. I am new to this list and am glad to be here. I'm hoping to go to one of the future reunions. Hope to meet you there. Isn't it funny, I look for romance in all things and rarely find it...I find this sight and find the most romantic story of late. 

again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! 

Joanne Kristol, 77 

John, I read a few msgs on Whoa, and thought you were playing one of your games again. Was I surprised when I read your msg! My greatest hopes for the two of you...or should I say ALL of you! I hope it will be for the rest of your lives!  


I am blown away reading this. I am so happy for you both. I wish you both happiness and love. 

Now when is the blessed event so we can crash this party! 
Lots of Love, duckie '76 (debbie goldey wardick)

Photo #52 
John's planner filled in by all of his friends.

Photo #53-53 
Susan DiBartolo's lipstick sabotaged wallet.

Our Engagement....what to do?
Well since you two lovebirds have said yes and are going to jump off lover's leap together, Viva Lost Wages....maybe. No frills and mo money for the honeymoon! 

And with John having to move to Cape Kennedy one of these days, where are you two going to end up living? Westcoast or eastcoast? 

No state income tax and affordable housing Johnny. Cheapest fares in the USA are to Orlando, is that location a possibilty for the wedding? 

We know that you are still trying to work things out, but it sounds like a Dirty Bird tug-of-war going on out there. 

Decisions, decisions.....we need input! 

V J '70 

<HEE, HEE> Another "John and XXX" saga!!!! I love it!!! Congratulations John and Susan!!! 

John '77 and Diana '78 Ruff (of the "John and Diana Saga") 

P.S. I totally agree that the event should be shared by those who have met the both of you at these (and previous) reunions - I (if my vote should really count) would highly recommend the Phoenix reunion - plenty of time (October) to make arrangements..... I'm trying to talk my hubby into coming with me this time. He sang at Duckie's first wedding.... Hummmmmmmmmmmmm......??????? Also, if I may volunteer? I have made several wedding dresses (4 actually) including my own. I would be honored to do the same if you wish....... 

WHOA!!! nice job and a good amount of points for John, eh, Susan??? that's TERRIFIC! wait. he didn't mention me. why not?? *pouts* 

Can I be flower gurl?? ;) 

...Salli :) 

Well, I am so excited for the both of you. I haven't had the pleasure to meet either of you in person yet but have gotten the privelege of chatting with both of you on IRC nights. Your story brought tears to my eyes it was so wonderful. I wish you many years of happiness together. I also am casting my vote for AZ in Oct. I am really trying to get there. If not, John, come get married on the lake:-) I will get you up here for fishing again someday  

Kylene class of 85 

i called your bro joe and told him the happy news. congratulations doesn't quite cover the sentiment, we all both wishing you right now. k, who's on the planning committee for the virtual shower?  

rosalie yuponce 68 

John, Did you ask Susan if she wants to change her name? It's best not to make assumptions.. We got to make sure you two get off to a good start. :-) 

--Clyde Zuber 

yeah good point zee- 

Maybe it should say STB: 

Mr and Mrs, John and Susan DiBartolo-Prunier. ('73/'65, is optional;) 

(This is the new era of the lady hyphen, (isn't it:)??? MW '70 


Yes, in fact, we did discuss it. I assumed it should be DiBartolo-Prunier or vice versa. Susan preferred to drop her surname. 

Thanks for the warning though, ha ha. Can't be too careful. 
John '65

Photo #54 
Mike Henderson '74 and Gaye Perkins '74 on Sunday.


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