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Charleston, SC 1998 Reunion 
24-26 July 1998 - Page 14
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TLC's "Wagner High School"
See photos, videos, and audio clips from the Learning Channel's Reunion Program #17 
Order photos from Jim Skinner, the reunion photographer 
Gary McClellan '75 -- John Prunier '65 -- Donna Smith '61 -- Dusty Austin '65 -- Sharon Bell '61 -- More John '65
Doug Kucklick '62 -- Steve Gladin '58 -- Susan DiBartolo '73 -- More Donna '61 -- Jean Whitman '59 -- Jenny Cranfill '80
Mary Lou Petryk '58 -- David Kight '64 -- More Donna '61 -- Tabb Walker '63 -- Janice Char '64 -- More Doug '62 
The following pictures contributed by Donna Smith '61
Photo #79 
In the Hospitality Suite. The TLC film and sound crew in action. Ruth Kent '63 in foreground.

Thank you
One more post then I will be quiet for awhile--don't want to clog up your mail boxes. 

A big THANK YOU to one of the silent workers--Cheryl Perron (Nelson) and Bob. On Thursday and Friday I kept asking about them and was told they were shuttling people from the airport to the hotels. Finally saw them on Friday night--Thank you for donating so much of your time in Charleston. 


Photo #80 
In the Hospitality Suite, Saturday. 
Left, Donna Smith '61, Jean Whitman '59, Cheryl Nelson '59 and spouse Bob Perron, Judy Mayo '59, and Marlene Jackson '57.

Photo #81 
Donna Smith '61 and Steve Gladin '58.

Bored and other business
Okay, if i don't get a CRS attack. Right now I can't even remember if there were to be seven or eight Bored members. If it's seven, I've got them all, but if it's eight, someone else will have to tell me who I've forgotten!  

The newly elected members of the first official Bored are (alphabetically): 

Jim Kent  

Ruth Kent  

Jerry Long  

Dianne Senn Mandel  

John Prunier  

Donna Smith  

Duffy Shaw Walters  

(surprise, Duffy!! see what happens when you don't get there? we also assigned all of the work to you) As we said on the ballot, we will split the group to allow for rolling elections in the future, but we haven't yet figured out who will retire at the end of 1999 (besides Jim and me, who announced that in advance) and who will go on to the end of 2000.  

Those of you who voted also adopted the operating procedures, so we are now open officially to accept dues of $15 for two years -- although in this case, it actually means through 12/31/99. (a few of you optimistically paid already and yes, you will get credit for that) That gets you newsletters which contain, among other goodies, the all important directory update pages.  

Like everyone else has said for the last two days, I had a blast at the reunion and cannot even come up with words sufficient to thank Dianne and Lloyd and Tom and Barbara and Vicki and Donna and the whole "Committee" of Kidz and all the others who worked on putting it together and making it so spectacular. I don't believe I've ever hugged so many different people in such a short time, and I wasn't even running for a public office. All weekend I kept saying to anyone who would listen, "I can't believe how much fun I'm having!" I think my alcohol intake for the whole weekend amounted to one beer on thursday night and one beer on friday night. On saturday at the dance I never even managed to down one drink, which may seem hard to believe if you saw me dancing that night -- I was doing that sober or, if you prefer, drunk only on the sheer joy of being there!! 

hugs to all who were there and also to all who couldn't make it -- THIS time.  

ruth '64 (61-63) 

Ruth, I also drank nary a drop<hic>. So I have no knowledge of who to send the money ($15.00) to. YOU? 

I am, by nature, not a "Hugger", but part of the reunioneers disease Kandy referred to must include hugs and kisses. I think Tabb W. and Tom T. and I "hugged" goodbye at least 17 times. ( pretty good ploy actually). 

If I knew you before i was delighted to see you again. If I didn't then I enjoyed watching your happiness at reuniting. If you were a spouse, or friend, I enjoyed having the privilage of meeting such tolerant, loving people who would put up with all the screaming, hugging, and trite comments from me when I told you I was having such a good time, all for the sake of someone you love. I loved meeting (putting a face to) some of the "Whoa" people I have met through the internet: Steve, Donna, Susan, John, Woody, Ardis (even if I was a little slow on that one <duh>), David '64. I always enjoy your comments, but now I will doubly so. I guess I am still having a "good time' just remembering the weekend.  

Dee '63 aka Kandy's sister 

Dee 63 

For the record Tabb W and I did NOT hug 17 times. I repeat did NOT. Well, maybe once, but we didn't enjoy it. and besides I do believe that a jk rule of 63 states that "Once a philosopher, twice a pervert". As to all the wonderful ladies that I am accused of hugging and kissing as many as 17 times over that weekend in Chas... 17 in 35 years is not enough... 

Indeed, '65 Rules... by the grace of 63 

Until that time  


Tom this is not politically correct. Grown men can hug in the '90s if the bellybuttons don't TOUCH! Come on now admit it you and Tabb did enjoy it, its ok to admit to it. Reunion rules 44-c para 1.2 covers that. 

As to once a philosopher twice a pervert.......it shocking to think of our glorious leader in such terms. I always say " It is better to be a prevert than a postvert!" 

Great to see you again Tom!! 


Now this is a classic example of that wit and off-beat humor that I remember from the class of '63. Charleston proved that humor to still be alive and well in downtown StAugustine........ I am soooo glad. 
Kandy Simpson '65 -61-64 Class of '65 Rules

Photo #82 
Group in the Hospitality Suite on Saturday. See #80.

Photo #83 
The Class of 1961 onboard the aircraft carrier Saturday night.

Another Kodak moment
Not to take anything away from the great news about Susan and John, but some of us ancients had our own moment at the reunion, and I don't think it's on the TLC tape. Jerry Long may have it on tape, though.  

Picture this: 40 years ago the Junior Class President, Lewis (Butch) Nelson, asks out his best girl, Angie Lacinak, future Valedictorian & class beauty. As it was with most of us, there wasn't much spare money for prom extras. So what do you do when you're a little short of cash? Certainly. Ask Mom. Well, his mom didn't have any spare money either right then, but she sent Butch out in the yard to pick an orchid, and with it she made a beautiful corsage for his beautiful date. Unbeknownst to Butch, Angie is a secret pack rat and she saves that corsage all these years and brings it to the reunion. Sunday morning during breakfast with a bunch of us, they decide to open the sealed paper containing the corsage. Butch's mom died in 1993, and she was known to many of us since she served as school registrar, so we were all curious about this corsage. After carefully removing the 40-yr-old staples (which Angie again insisted on saving), they slowly lifted the flap, and I swear that you could still smell the orchid. It was beautifully preserved and Angie quickly tucked it away again for another 40 years (probably so the rest of us couldn't cry on it).  

I'm very happy for John and Susan, but even more happy that I was present when that beautiful corsage from the Junior Prom of 1958 was opened, and I was able to touch the face of 40 years ago.  



What a beautiful story and thanks for sharing that with us. Hopefully Jerry was able to get some video of that event. Great meeting you at the reunion. 

Ron Bonner '65 (61-63) 

What a wonderfully touching story. I am sorry I missed it. Didja all break out the Kleenex????? 

Don't we have some wonderful stories to relate???? 

Susan DiBartolo'73 

It was a beautiful moment, wasn't it Barb? Certainly one I will never forget! Wonder if it was opened at the same time Sooz was presenting her "Yes" cookie? Sunday morning was quite a morning, y'all.  

Jean '59 

Susan - We used up several boxes all weekend but that moment was probably a full-boxer! How about you guys when you presented the "Yes" cookie? Sorry we missed that! What a terrific reunion weekend, huh?!  

Jean '59 

Could have been same moment. Can't wait to see the pictures. So many special moments with each of you! Just can't seem to get off this "white cloud" I'm on and get back to earth. Thanks to everyone for making all these new and wonderful memories for Bob & I.  

Cheryl '59 

Yes, Susan we were just beside you all, trying to eat breakfast when this wonderful moment was taking place. I can't seem to remember what I ate, with all the excitement, but it lasted me till we got back to Florida. We too think it is wonderful, our first time to meet John P but as you know he is a special guy and you will just have to share him with us!  
Cheryl '59

Photo #84


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